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Neville School

This school was built in 1905 and was used until 1968. The school was purchased by The Hall China Company and used for storage. This is a picture of Neville school taken 2 days before it was torn down in early 1999 to make way for Hall China's new loading dock.

These pictures were submitted by Manford Banfield on 03/09/99
Thank you Manford Banfield for your contribution.

None of these kids have been identified
If you can recognize any of them
Please email me, so I can list them
It would be nice to identify all of them

Grade 5
Neville 1921
Grade 6

Do you have any old pictures of Klondyke that you would like
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or class pictures from the schools, neighborhood get togethers, etc. Just pictures
that were taken in Klondyke that show how it used to be.

If so, send them to me in e-mail. I will add them as soon as possible.

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