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Guercio Oral Tradition

Guercio: One who is crosseyed or walleyed ( like me!)

" This family originated in Genova and held noble status in Messina from the 12th to the 15th century. It held the grants of Rappisi of Gualtiere and Baruni:one of them Alexander was the Judge of Messina in the year 1256. Listed among the families which are found written in the official definitive Register Of Noble and Titled families of Sicily."

My ancestor Francesco P. Guercio immigrated to the USA via Ellis Island ca. 1892 with his wife Clementina ( Maggio ) Guercio and son Joachim Bernard ( Gioacchino Bernardino). He may have arrived on the steamship Massilia on April 16,1893 with his famiy & an older brother Salvatore. ( If his wife & son are on the passenger list also this is him!) His family settled in Baltimore where he was a shoemaker on Hanover St. He & Clementina were seperated in 1920. He returned to Sicily in 1935 and died there in 1947 at 92.

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