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Wicca Table of Contents

Art Gallery I
Mystical Wiccan Art
Art Gallery II
Mystical Wiccan Art
Brief Description of Magick

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Introduction to Scott Cunningham

Wicca, the religion of the "Witches," has long been shrouded in secrecy. Anyone interested in learning "the Craft" had to content themselves with hints from books and articles. The Wiccans wouldn't say much, save that they weren't looking for new members.

Growing numbers today are dissatisfied with traditional religious structures. MAny are searching for a personally-involving religion, one which celebrates both physical and spiritual realities, in which attunement with deity is coupled with the practice of magic.

Wicca is just such a religion, centering around reverence for nature as seen in the Goddess and the God. It's spiritual roots in antiquity, acceptance of magic and mysterious nature have made it particularly appealing. Until recently, the lack of public information concerning Wicca and it's apparent exclusivity has caused much frustration among interested students.

Wicca doesn't seek new members. This has been a major stumbling block to those wishing to learn its rites and ways of magic. Wicca doesn't solicit because, unlike most Western religions, it doesn't claim to be the one true way to Deity.

With growing numbers interested in practicing Wicca, perhaps it's time to allow the full light of the dawning Aquarian Age to illuminate these ways. To do so is not to trumpet Wicca as the salvation of our planet, but simply to present it to anyone who cares to learn.

Wicca as an religioon is changing too. This is necessary if it is to be more than a curiosity of an earlier age. The heirs of Wicca musy point their religion firmly to the future if it is to have something to offer coming generations.

Wicca is a joyous religion springing from our kinship with nature. It is merging with the Goddess and Gods, the universal energies which created all in existence. It is personal, positive celebration of life.

And now it is available to all.