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Vietnam Veteran and POW/MIA Home Page

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There are still LIVE Americans being held against their
will in SE Asia. The US Government knows this and permits this
travesty to continue. It is up to the American people to demand
that this shameful issue is resolved to the complete satisfaction
of everyone! You must get involved and put a stop to this madness!

Years Months Days Hours Min. Secs.
...Since the last POW, Bobby Garwood, left Vietnam!!

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The counter above WAS counting from the day our last POW, Bobby Garwood, came out of the jungles of SE Asia. (It no longer works because of the graphics Tripod/Lycos adds which interrupts this script. But I am leaving it there as part of the original page.) He was accused of collaboration with the enemy when his only crime was surviving the torture of the enemy. Bobby is a true American hero who deserves to have everyone know the truth behind his story. Please buy and read Monika Jensen-Stevenson's newest book, "Spite House" to learn of Bobby's fourteen year struggle to survive and prevail, not only over a cruel and manipulative enemy, but over his own country's secret efforts to kill him.

What if it was longer than this that YOUR loved one was missing?
Would you want someone to do something then??
See what a former POW has to say about the ongoing controversy over Bobby Garwood!

I It is with much sadness that I must report that my husband, Rick, passed away June 1, 2005 from lung cancer due to Agent Orange. He was the Love of my life and I shall never get over this great loss

I have recently discovered a site that lets me help entrepeneurs in poor countries to build their own businesses by loaning as little as $25.00 to them. These are LOANS not donations and will be paid back according to the information and terms on their page. I am now an "investor" in 2 different businesses that allows these people to either start their own business or to build their business. I must warn you, though, this site is addicting because of the great feeling you get by loaning these people enough money to change their lives. Just follow the link below:

Kiva - loans that change lives

"It is those we served, not us the soldiers, who abandoned our
comrades into enemy captivity and who subsequently covered up this
fact with official secrecy and who have told us in witnessed
meetings that these were "acceptable casualties" and that they and we
"cannot afford to be emotional about the POWs left behind" or that
we "do not understand the complexities of the situation as it relates
to our enemies or to our Asian allies"
...John Brown, Former Chairman
National Vietnam Veterans Coalition Committee
of Prisoners and Missing Men

Some very important people just don't want the public to know they used American prisoners to cover dirty tricks that filled their own pockets!

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In our home there is a candle in the window which is left on 24 hours
a day and which will not be put out until all of our Captured Eagles©
are back on American soil.
What are YOU doing to inform others of their plight?
Click on the candle above to see how you
can help make others aware of this shameful issue!

This site is to honor

Turtle Creek, PA


Battle Creek, MI

Click on the bracelets to learn about these heroes.
We will NEVER forget!!
There is news about Billy Smith. Check his site for details...

The Purple Heart Monument in Battle Creek, MI, where unknown persons
lay flowers at its base after the tragedy that hit our country in the form of terrorist attacks. When I saw this, the tragedy of it all truly hit home to me.


The Pledge of Devotion
I pledge my devotion to the POW/MIAs of America
and to their flag before which we stand.
One brotherhood, indivisible
Until they have returned - one and all.
.............. Written by Adrian Cronauer


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America Under Attack Links

Most links will open in a new window

Before you panic, take a minute to understand the facts
Rumors & Urban Legends
Many emails of pending Halloween attacks, letters sent by hijackers,etc.
are circulating the Internet. Find out the truth from rumor at this site
(Thanks to Hal and Maddy Laffin for providing this link)
UPDATED A Photojournalistic Experience of Tragedy
Steve Golding of the POW Forum, a New Yorker himself, has created a special site of photos concerning
this American tragedy with sound clips
CNN News
For up-to-date news about the situation in America
The New York Times
News Link
ABC News
News Link
USA Today
USA Today online
Washington Post
The Washington Post online
America On Alert
MSNBC's coverage of the current news
Black Tuesday
The world's largest insider trading scam
& how the terrorists profited by the 9/11 attacks
Federal Emergency Management Agency Homepage
FBI Home Page
Press releases and other info from the Federal Bureau of Investigation
How You Can Help
How to donate online and how kids can even help
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
Learn about terrorism and bin Ladin here
A safe download of pictures with John Lennon's 'Imagine' playing
America and Freedom: A Guided Tour
Here you will find all the documents that made us the country we are today
Light a Candle
NYC site to honor all those affected by the attack on America. Show you care here (free)
Capt. Dave's Survival Center
For those who are interested in learning more about survival
Christian Broadcasting Network
News geared for the devout Christians
The Americans by Gordon Sinclair
A Canadian commentary made in the '70s but applicable to today's world
Osama Bin Ladin
Who he is, where cells are and the structure of his organization
Afghan Online
While I don't agree with all this site has to say, it does show you all about Afghanistan
The Taliban
Background on the Taliban, Afghanistan's ruling party

(The poem above was written by my daughter, of whom I am very proud!)



In Memory of My Father, A Son's Tribute
This page is FANTASTIC and a MUST See for anyone who cares! (Take your tissues to this site!)
The Latest Breaking POW/MIA News
Up to the minute info from the POW Fax Network
POW/MIA Documents and Information
Read these for yourself & find out the TRUTH the Government doesn't want you to know!
The POW Network
Files and the latest release, "Operation Smoking Gun"
The NAF's Bits & Pieces POW/MIA Newsletter
--A Must read!-
The POW Forum
A good source of POW/MIA info
The Library of Congress POW/MIA Database
Search the government database for info on individual cases
The National Alliance of POW/MIA Families
The REAL POW/MIA family organization
Advocacy & Intelligence Index for POW/MIAs
A page by a dedicated POW/MIA activist
Rolling Thunder Ride For Freedom
The largest POW/MIA awareness action in the Nation
Run For The Wall
They ride from California to DC to join Rolling Thunder
The Northwest Vets Newsletter
Lots of POW/MIA info
POW/MIA Project Interstate
A worthwhile project by a caring person
POW/MIA '55 Chevy
You have to see this to believe it!

Firebase Freedom© Site Links

Hollie-Lyn's Song
A song written about my daughter and her POW bracelet

To My Vietnam Vet - You, Me & PTSD

Memories of a PTSD Christmas

Favorite Marine Corps Links

VVA Chapter 313, Calhoun County, MI
(This site will not be updated unless taken over by chapter members-Informational only)

Vettz Band
If you are looking for a band for your reunion
check these guys out! Online demos include "The Wall"

Veteran Links

Vietnam Veteran Links

Korean War Veteran Links

World War II Veteran Links

Original Gulf War Veteran Links

Purple Heart Links

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page

Other Links of Interest

Rick and I have chosen to quit smoking due to health reasons (see above). We both have done this cold turkey, without NRT's and while quitting is hard, dying is harder. I have joined 2 fantastic online support sites. I have provided the links below for anyone who wishes to try and kick the habit. My fight with the "NicoBitch" is a daily thing but it is getting easier.

Quit Smoking Support Group at Yahoo
My main source of support and an altogether great bunch of people

Quit Smoking Journals
A place where you can journal your quit, chat, meet other quitters. I highly recommend this site!

Lady Freedom's Fantasy Page
My fun and fantasy personal page. Definitely worth a look!

Send E-Mail to the President

Click the button below to see America's #1 Traitor to POW/MIAs and their families!

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"Lil Guy" as he was known in country

This Web Site is dedicated to my husband, Rick Thomas, USMC,(above)who served in 3/9, I Corps, 1966-68.

Please pick up the torch and help us carry it. Tell Washington and the world
how you feel about our POW's and MIA's.
Click the bracelet below if you want to make a difference!

Let's help make this year the year we bring them home!

Find it @ VetsSearch


This POW/MIA Ring site
is owned by Firebase Freedom©

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