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This page is dedicated to the faithful missionaries sent forth by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who through their determination and faith brought me into the safe harbor of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For many years I was tossed about on the seas of unrighteousness, battered by the tempest which is human nature. One day I awoke to the reality that there had to be something better, something more, and that something was drawing me as surely as the magnet draws a compass. I started right then to actively seek for the truth about our savior Jesus Christ. My search took many years and was full of heartbreak but the Lord tells us to endure to the end and our rewards will be many. I now know this to be true as I have been rewarded a thousand fold.

My greatest reward was to marry a beautiful girl who had a connection with our heavenly father that was very precious. Little did I know that this connection would eventually lead me to the true church. The Lord Jesus Christ had a plan in mind for me and was even then implementing it. My new, beautiful wife had a little child of one year when I met her and I also had two boys. What a team they made! They were immediately inseperable doing everything that kids will do (good or bad) togeather. This was a wonderful time of growth for them and myself.

During this time of growth the wife had a gentleman coming by to visit each month -- she called him a "Home Teacher." I thought it was very special that a man from her church would take time each month to check on her and the family. Sometimes he would bring the Missionaries with him and leave us with a spiritual message. This always left me feeling very different -- almost empty -- when they left. I started asking the wife questions after they left to which she replied --"why don't you ask them when they are here?"

It was not to long after the fourth or fifth visit that I was informed that we were to have a baby! What a joy it would be! To shorten things a bit -- the months flew and we found that it would have to be a C-Section and there was risk. My wife had another visit from her home teacher and I was asked if she could have a blessing. Of course I consented even though I new nothing of blessings. The Missionaries and our Home Teacher layed their hands on her head and blessed her that she would have a good birth and that there would be no problems with the child. The feeling I had was unbeleivable I know that the Spirit was there! I felt a burning in my breast that prompted me to seek further -- I was scared!

The birth went without any serious complications but sadly the doctor said she could have no more children. We were both saddened by this although we new that this had always been a possibility. The child was another girl but a very special one, the kind all parents pray for, quiet and undemanding. This child bonded us togeather in more ways than one as I was to soon find out.

Our child was about one month when I was asked if the child was to be blessed in church? I was told that it was a simple ceremony where the childs name was read into the church record. I was at a loss so I asked the Missionaries, the next time they came over, "what is a childs blessing?" I will never forget the words spoken by Elder Manley "You could do it!" "Me?" I replied, "I'm not even a member!" "You could be and you could bless your daughter,"he stated. I was overcome by the spirit as I asked, "is ther some kind of lessons that you give?" "Yes," he replied,"and you've already had the first one!"

I was baptised and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a week later. Progressing rapidly with the help of the Spirit I WAS able and found worthy to bless my daughter two months later. One year later my wife and I were, along with our youngest, sealed for all time and eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple. A few years later I was allowed to adopt my older daughter and we were sealed in the Cardston, Alberta, Canada temple by Brother Toone. Brother Toone it turned out has the same birthday as my oldest daughter, this he says makes them twins! Just last year I obtained primary custody of my youngest boy and was able to baptise him also. He has chosen the rightous path -- Praise the Lord!

My testimony is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints IS the one and only true church restored on this earth. Joseph Smith was a True Prophet of the Lord as is the current president of the church, thus recieving revelation in this the latter days! If anyone is empty and alone they should seek after this truth and fill themselves with the glory of the Holy Spirit. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ -- Amen.

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