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ForBeadin Desires
Birthday List

Names are arranged by date.

Cindi Mac
~~Birthday- January First
~~Color- Blue

Deb McDuffie
~~Birthday- January Fourteenth, Nineteen-Sixty-Six

Shelby Butler
~~Birthday- January Fourteenth, Nineteen-Seventy-Five
~~Color- Blue, Green, Silver, Peach & Turquoise. NOT Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow...

Alesha Younkin
~~Birthday- February Fourteenth, Nineteen-Seventy-Four
~~Color- Green

Dawn Star
~~Birthday- February Twenty-fifth, Nineteen-Fifty-Three
~~Color- Teal, Amethyst,
~~Hobbies- Beading, Tatting, Writing, Travel

~~Birthday- March Seventh
~~Colors- Blues, purples, greens,bronze
~~Other Stuff- Beads, feathers, crystals, butterflys and "Betty Boop pins"

Martha McConnahey
~~Birthday- March Fourteenth, Nineteen-Sixty-Five

Laura Finney
~~Birthday- March Eighth, Nineteen-Sixty-Six
~~Colors- Green, Blue, Purple
~~Other Stuff- Hummingbirds, Fish

Annie H.
~~Birthday- March Twelfth, Nineteen-Fifty-Two
~~Colors- blues

Charlene Booth
~~Birthday- March Nineteenth, Nineteen-Fifty-Five

Peggy Owens
~~Birthday- March Twenty-First, Nineteen-Forty-Eight
~~Color- Purple, Teal, Peach
~~Other Stuff- Daffodils, and Beads!

Elizabeth Thompson (Liz)
~~Birthday- March Twenty-Fourth, Nineteen-Fifty-Nine
~~Color- Khaki Green, Hot Pink
~~Other Stuff- Beads, Gargoyles, and Moose (Meese?)

Michele Robinson (Miki)
~~Birthday- March Twenty-Ninth, Nineteen-Forty-Seven

Babette Sicard
~~Birthday- April Fifth

Dana Hall
~~Birthday- May Seventh, Nineteen-Seventy-Three

Amber Strasburg
~~Birthday- May Sixteenth, Nineteen-Fifty-Two
~~Colors- Red, Pink, Purple
~~Other Stuff- Shoes!!!

Shala Kerrigan
~~Birthday- May Sixteenth, Ninteen-Seventy-Two
~~Colors- Green, Blue, Purple and Silver
~~Other Stuff- Czech buttons and any kind of dragons!!!

Donna Addis
~~Birthday- June First, Nineteen-Fifty-Four

Carol Ann Hopkins
~~Birthday- June Eighth
~~Color- Teal
~~Other Stuff- Collects Frogs

Jerri Nisbet-Lance
~~Birthday- June Twentieth
~~Color- All except orange and Yellow
~~Other Stuff- Beads and Rocks

Audrey Sunburn (Nahani)
~~Birthday- June Twenty-Fourth, Nineteen-Forty-Nine
~~Color- Red, Purple, Green
~~Other Stuff- Wolves, Frogs

Steven Miller
~~Birthday- August Third, Nineteen-Sixty-Six

Chris Gries
~~Birthday- August Ninth, Nineteen-Fifty-Eight

Kari Burns
~~Birthday- August Eleventh, Nineteen-Sixty-Three

Beverly Herman
~~Birthday- August Twentyninth, Nineteen-Fifty-Five

Sally Morgan
~~Birthday- September Seventh
~~Color- Silver and Turquoise
~~Other Stuff- Feathers and Holidays

Anne Checker
~~Birthday- September Sixteenth
~~Colors- All 'bright and cheery' ones, especially the royals (blue, red purple...)

Yvonne Slack
~~Birthday- September Twenty-First, Nineteen-Fifty-Eight

Mary Jane
~~Birthday- September Twenty-Sixth, Nineteen-Forty-Six

Jodi Molloy
~~Birthday- October First, Nineteen-Sixty-Eight
~~Color- Green

Elizabeth M. (Beth)
~~Birthday- October Second, Nineteen-Sixty-Four
~~Color- Purple

~~Birthday- October Twelfth

Opal Lee
~~Birthday- October Twenty-First
~~Color- Anything but Pastels, Yellow, and Orange. Prefers silver to gold. Opals.
~~Other stuff- Necklaces of all lengths but chokers. Lariats are good. Lots of Earrings (8; 5 R, 3 L), wrist size 6 1/2 or 7 inches.

Ragan Buckley
~~Birthday- October Twenty-First, Nineteen-Seventy-Seven

Kathy (Moondreams)
~~Birthday- November Second, Nineteen-Sixty-one
~~Color- Purple, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pale shades of pink

Elizabeth M. (Beth)
~~Birthday- October Second, Nineteen-Sixty-Four
~~Color- Purple

Lisa Wilson
~~Birthday- November Twentieth, Nineteen Sixty-Four

Sharon Hessoun
~~Birthday- November Twenty-Fifth, Nineteen-Forty-Three
~~Color- Jewel Tones (Blue, Red, Purple, Green)
~~Other Stuff- Art Glass Paperweights, Lampworked Beads

Amy Eckler
~~Birthday- December Third

Pamela Welborn
~~Birthday- December Fifth, Nineteen-Sixty-Six
~~Color- Purple

Nicole Weltch
~~Birthday- December Twenty-Fourth, Nineteen-Seventy-Four
~~Color- Green, especially lime.
~~Other Stuff- Lampwork and Vintage Beads

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