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$FF81 65409  CINT  Initialize screen editor
$FF84 65412  IOINIT  Initialize input/output
$FF87 65415  RAMTAS  Initialize RAM, allocate tape buffer, set screen $0400
$FF8A 65418  RESTOR  Restore default I/O vectors
$FF8D 65421  VECTOR  Read/set vectored I/O
$FF90 65424  SETMSG  Control KERNAL messages
$FF93 65427  SECOND  Send secondary address after LISTEN
$FF96 65430  TKSA  Send secondary address after TALK
$FF99 65433  MEMTOP  Read/set the top of memory
$FF9C 65436  MEMBOT  Read/set the bottom of memory
$FF9F 65439  SCNKEY  Scan keyboard
$FFA2 65442  SETTMO  Set timeout on serial bus
$FFA5 65445  ACPTR  Input byte from serial port
$FFA8 65448  CIOUT  Output byte to serial port
$FFAB 65451  UNTLK  Command serial bus to UNTALK
$FFAE 65454  UNLSN  Command serial bus to UNLISTEN
$FFB1 65457  LISTEN  Command devices on the serial bus to LISTEN
$FFB4 65460  TALK  Command serial bus device to TALK
$FFB7 65463  READST  Read I/O status word
$FFBA 65466  SETLFS  Set logical, first, and second addresses
$FFBD 65469  SETNAM  Set file name
$FFC0 65472  OPEN  Open a logical file
$FFC3 65475  CLOSE  Close a specified logical file
$FFC6 65478  CHKIN  Open channel for input
$FFC9 65481  CHKOUT  Open channel for output
$FFCC 65484  CLRCHN  Close input and output channels
$FFCF 65487  CHRIN  Input character from channel
$FFD2 65490  CHROUT  Output character to channel
$FFD5 65493  LOAD  Load RAM from a device
$FFD8 65496  SAVE  Save RAM to device
$FFDB 65499  SETTIM  Set real time clock
$FFDE 65502  RDTIM  Read real time clock
$FFE1 65505  STOP  Scan stop key
$FFE4 65508  GETIN  Get character from keyboard queue (keyboard buffer)
$FFE7 65511  CLALL  Close all channels and files
$FFEA 65514  UDTIM  Increment real time clock
$FFED 65517  SCREEN  Return X,Y organization of screen
$FFF0 65520  PLOT  Read/set X,Y cursor position
$FFF3 65523  IOBASE  Returns base address of I/O devices

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