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Freakazoid    Speaks!       HEY!    I    JUST    UPDATED    THIS    PAGE:       NOVEMBER    28,    1997!!!

 Greetings Earthlings!  My name is Freakazoid_.  Only you can call me 
 Freakazoid.  I am a 14 year old girl from Pennsylvania.  I LOVE 
 cartoons, especially Freakazoid, Hey Arnold, Dexter's Laboratory, and
 Disney's Recess.  Some of my Internet friends are:  DJ, MEE, kat2,
 TG, Es, Letika, Jamie, Jackie, Tigerlily, Freakazoid(yes, there be 
 another!), and if I forget anyone else, don't sweat it.  I didn't 
 forget you.  My mind just temporarily shut down. My friends at school
 are Liz E., Amy L, Jess T, Jessie S, Amy P, Crystal H,  Cheryl P, Toni S, Nicole H, Vicky, and I better have remembered everyone here!  If I
 didn't I'll add your names when I remember again.  Well, this be all
 for now!  Huggbees!  Where is the narwhal?  Happy Little Narwhal!
 I feel better than a nice tub of good things!
       E-Mail me with your opinion.  Here's the question:
       Brussels sprouts: eat them or dump them? 
       EMAIL ME AT

Freakazoid's Happy Little Links! :-)

Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid!
This is the Warner Brothers animation site for Freakazoid! Check it out! It's really neato!
Lauriezette's Page!!! :-)
Anything a Freakazoid fan could ever dream of! Includes a happy photo gallery and much, much more!
Crystal and Amy's Page
This is one of my best friend's websites!
Portrait of a Freak
Here is another neato Freakazoid website with pictures!
Hanson's official website
This place is the perfect place for the Hanson fan to hang out. Also has a neato chat!
Spice Girls website
It has exactly what you'd think it would-stuff about the Spice Girls!
Another Hanson website
This has a ton of stuff, plus another neato chat!
Keri Radio Website
I don't know much about it, except it has a neato, uncrowded chat.
I really don't know the name of the site-it only has a neato uncrowded chat
Chat Room. It is totally uncrowded!
The Freakalair! (My second webpage!)
This includes some Freakazoid quotes and start learning FREAKALANGUAGE at the Better than a Nice Tub of Good Things University!!! This is my second webpage!!!!!
Freakazoid's Neato Torpedo Happy Little Narwhal Page!!! :-)
This is my third webpage. This one also offers a lot of humor and a groovy picture of Freakazoid!
Spinelli's Page
This is my fourth webpage. It has a lot of funny stuff to read and a neato picture of Freakazoid.
Go near the bottom of the page in order to see my picture. I am the only Jessica in the first group picture of the green-shirted people. This was taken in the summer.
Freakazoid's Freakazoid and Other Stuff Page!
This is my fifth page, which contains a list of narwhal sightings and tells how you can adopt a pet narwhal!

Top    Tens    of    the    Freak's    Mind!

 Haggis-noun:  the heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep boiled in its own
                        stomach; traditional Scottish dish; looks squishy
 Ten Things to do with Haggis:
 1. Use it as a whoopy cushion
 2. Use it to scare away burglars, prowlers, etc.
 3. The other white meat!
 4. Throw it at your teacher and blame it on the kid next to you
 5. Give some to your crush--they'll just LOVE you for that!
 6. It would make a good backpack!
 7. Hmm, the Christmas season is coming up--Great stocking stuffer!
 8. Blow it up and use it as a beachball
 9. Go insane and hit people on the head with it
 10.Eat it, and then join the Haggis Eaters Support Group!
 10 Things That Prove You're An Alien:
 1. You eat haggis--and LIKE it!
 2. You have a quite annoying habit of vaporizing things
 3. You have urges to phone home
 4. You don't die from cafeteria food
 5. You say things like,"Greetings Earthlings!"  
 6. You carry around a laser gun
 7. You enjoy squishing little toys of eyeballs
 8. You have any kind of special powers
 9. You're reading this webpage
 10. You are me!

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