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3rd May 2001 1st update in two years! Oh dear....

Hello there and welcome to this page. Im always adding more so I hope you return to see it when it's matured! (PLEASE!). Im actuall going to work on the site again! Woo Hoo! After two years, sorry folks I was VERY busy finishing my degree but Im back now. The changes will be quite subtle at first but I intend to give the site a deacent re-do. You can call me Frel,she was and is my first AD+D character, this page is in her honour! Ive been playing Frel for over three years now and she is still going strong! I like many things, role-play (AD+D, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, Dangerous journeys, Shadowrun), books ( Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett ),the paranormal and much more.


All sorts so go and explore! There's a lot more to come I promise really I do! Im quite enthusiastic once more. Some of the things I have planned: the highlights of Frel's adventures! and there's a lot of em now, interesting stuff about Gnomes in AD+D, - everyone wants to be an elf or a human,what's wrong with the little guys? I love them to bits!, cool links and much more.

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If you want to contact me with comments, ideas, criticisms or just to chat, my E-mail address is Im on icq when I can too so I can give you my number if you ask.

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