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~~**Past Pics of the Week**~~  

9-6-99 I know that I haven't updated the pics of the week forever, so that's why now that I have time right now, because I'm home and not at college, I'm going to give you 10 pics!!! I guarantee they're all GRRRRRRREAT pictures, so therefore the need no introduction!


A pic of Justin Timberlake (from N*SYNC) guarding Nick while playing basketball.

A pic of Nick and Brian hugging before a concert.

A pic of in all black from the video of "As Long As You Love Me".

Click here for older pics of the week.


A VERY good pic of Nick

A pic of Nick and Brian being goofy (as always) while bowling during the taping of the Disney Concert special.

A pic of Brian in a white tank top and overalls on stage.


A pic of the Carters' old house in Florida.

A younger, but still a hottie, pic of Nick.

A goofy young pic of Brian.

A pic of Nick and Brian laughing at a news conference.


A pic of Nick during a concert wearing a wifebeater!

A pic of Nick and Brian chasing each other around playing football.

A pic of Brian when he was younger singing.

A Pic of Brian and girlfriend Leighanne at the Millennium launch party on May 18th

A pic of Nick holding Brian's dog, Tyke.

A pic of all of the BSB at the American Music Awards.

A Pic of Brian in his Millennium commercial when he was fighting gladiators, from the movie "Ben Hur"

A pic of all the BSB when they were performing "All I Have To Give" on SNL

A pic of Nick getting his haircut.



A candid shot of Nick in the video "I Want It That Way"

A pic of Nick and Brian when they were young goofing off!

A pic of Brian and his family, mother Jackie, father Harold, and brother Harold III taken in April in Kentucky when Brian was home recording the choir for "The Perfect Fan".


A pic of Nick in blue

A pic of all the BSB with puppies, Brian's holding his dog, Tyke, AJ's holding his dog (forgot its name), and Nick, Howie, and Kevin are holding Nick's dogs.

Another pic of Brian showing some skin, sorry I just can't get enough of his beautiful bod!

Sorry, guys I missed a week (5-17)in here, I've been SUPER busy trying to finish school!


A pic of Nick from Top Pops magazine

A pic of Nick and Brian with their Frick and Frack stocking hats on!

A pic of of Brian showing some skin...yummy we always like those don't me?!?!?!
The week of 5-3-99

This pic is of the Orlando concert, during ALAYLM

This is a pic of Nick and the Billboard Awards

This pic is of Brian with his Frick stocking cap on.