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1.  You're walking down the street and you spot the hotties themselves sitting in a pizzeria.  What kind of pizza are they eating?

2.  As you introduce yourself, you notice Brian has a cute little southern accent.  What state is he from?

3.  You decide to spend the day together   You decide on spending your day at DisneyWorld.  But only one of them will go on the roller coasters with you.  Which one is it?

4.  You're walking down mainstreet at DisneyWorld, when you see Aladdin and Jasmine.  When Nick says, "_____ was Aladdin." Which fellow BSB was he talking about?

5.  Fans start to realize who they are and start to approach them. While signing authographs, Brian gets embarassed because on fan notices that he ________.

6.  The day winds down, and the guys have to get back, because they have a show that night. Nick says he's pumped to sing his solo _____________.

7.  Brian says he's excitied to play percussion in which song?

8.  As you walk out to the parking lot, you walk them to their car and they drive off in Nick's __________.

9.  But before they leave Nick gives you directions to his house so you can come and visit. In which Florida city does he live?

10.  They say "Good-bye our love, have a good day. See you later." In espaņol. How do you say that in espaņol?

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