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Nick Quotes

"My name is Nick, and I like a girl that loves to go dancin', the kind of girl that likes to shake what her momma gave her.  The type of girl that will let me hold her hand...and then kiss her.  The type of girl that will let me take her to the movies...and then kiss her.  The type of girl that will let me hold her sooo tight...and then kiss her....and kiss her....and kiss her...aaand kiss her..." ~off of the "All I Have To Give" single #2, Conversational Mix.

"Tattoos are sexy"

"I love rock music. And I'm always listening to is on my walkman after the show."

"I've never been in love. But I'd like to be. If I had a girlfriend, I'd take her down to the beach so we could kiss on the sand. Then we'd go back to my house and play my 'Playstation'."

"I was bullied at school, so I know it's not fun...Bullying is not cool, so let's fight for what's right, and kick bullies out of sight."

"Love has no age."

"Just take things as they come."

"Maybe take a log cabin and build it in a place where you would have to fly in (to reach it), like a lake or something."

"Don't scrap with your fellow soul divas. Be nice instead."

"I'd love to star in the next Alien movie. I wanna shoot loads of Aliens!"

"I guess I only go for girls who like computer games cause there such a big part of my life."

"A girl who always agrees to everythingis not for me. I love a challange, the risk that things could go wrong."

"It feels a bit wierd that girls put me up on the wall. I can't figure out why they like me the way they do."

"Rumours go around all the time but we don't pay any attention to them. We don't gossip together-basically we're not interested . Gossip can be dangerous sometimes."

"British girls are remarkably beautiful."

"It's good to know people are thinking of you.. People do good things for us everyday. We're very lucky."

"I like girls who come from the heart, who are kind and sometimes goodlooks help"!

"The people in Spain speak Spanish."

"It's just not fair!"

"I love rock music and I'm always listening to it on my walkman after our shows."

"It'll look phat."

"It's funny to sing in the middle of so many bras!"

"A fan in Japan took me on for Nintendo and made me look like a beginner!"

"I wouldn't pose nude for Playgirl or shave my head."

"I would never steal Brian's girlfriend!"

"I was quite a cool guy." - about his school days.

"Cheerleaders dispised me back then!" - on highschool.

"The first autograph I signed was when I was eight."

"Seven and a half." - rating himself overall out of ten.

"When we sing live we have the battery packs for our headset microphones fastened to our backs. Mine fell off when I was performing PARTY recently and the others had to sing it for me. When we came off stage I lost it and started throwing things at people on our tour bus!"

"None of us do drugs. The only way to get high for us is to be on stage, performing for the fans. We like that."

"We're 'Desert', not 'Oasis'."

"I hate flying 'cuz I don't trust technical machines."

"Is Norway a place in Sweden?"

"Oh Kev, can I tell them about that time in the truck - it was so damn cool!"

"If I could create a new category for the Smash Hits Awards, it'd be 'Smallest Pop Star' - then Aaron could win! 'Best Basketball Victory Over N'Sync' would be cool, too!

"The flying wha?"

"We live on pizza!"

"Sometimes good looks come in handy."

"We love 'em."

"I like to do anything I can think of to these guys!"

"Music is our love."

"What a show!"

"Hey, I heard that!"

"Not for me, not here."

"I want to be crazy forever, even when I'm 80."

"Hooo! Um, I don't think so too much, um, ah, maybe a few here and there, but, um, hey, I don't know--yeah, we do, basically, sometimes."

"Yo Brian, stop lying!"

"Yeah right."

"No, no, no, don't tell him!"

"We forbid that"

"Nope, nope, nope."

"I feel all mushed up in these spandex things!"

"I donít believe in being mean to anyone. Iím really a peaceful person."

"But you make me very happy."

"I can be shy around girls. The other guys have got far more experience."

"I've been seeing some stuff on the internet. . .like, funky stuff."

"Sometimes we get fan mail.I try to reply to mine personally."

"Before showing the film to our parents, we cut out the bits where girls throw condoms and underwear at us on stage."

"It feels soooo wonderful!"

"My underwear..."

"Oh, really?"

"You think you know what it is? Okay then. What is it?"

"It's all good."

"Oh, yeah. Her."

"If I have to eat McDonald's one more day on this trip, I'm gonna scream!"


"Flirting is always good fun."

"But I know what Iím doing.

"This is so embarassing. I can't believe she's doing this to me!!"

If you could send one of the Spice Girls a huge bouquet of flowers, which one would it be? "Emma. Now, she's really cute!"

Tell us a joke... "How did the Dairy Queen get pregnant? Burger King showed her his whopper!"

"I wouldn't say no."

"The taste is different."

"Okay my bad."

"Yeah, we're cool."


"I only have 2, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Exclusive, Censored!"

"I guess I go for girls who like computer games because its such a big part of my life."

"I don't know! Sometimes ladies' lips make me go weak. You know Sheryl Crow? She has nice lips." - When asked what makes him weak at the knees.

"It's funny to sing in the middle of so many bras!"

Yahoo Chat question: Would you ever pose for Playgirl? "I dont think so. Come back and ask me that question in 10 years."

"I would never steal Brian's girlfriend!"

"Cheerleaders dispised me back then!" - on highschool.

"One time I forgot to button my pants all the way up. Bummer! We danced pretty wild at the show and when we did "I'll Never Break You Heart" my pants started slipping down and showed my boxers. But the girls seemed to like it!"

"I have to admit that I do look at the breasts too."

"I've never had sex with a fan."

"Do you have any tattoos, and if not, which I don't, do you think that having a tattoo will improve your sex life. . .um, do I think that having a tattoo. . .um I don't know, I don't have a sex life right now."

"We want to show the enthusiasm of out fans to our parents. . .Before showing the film to our parents, we cut out the bits where girls throw condoms and underwear at us on stage."

What do you wear in bed? Underwear. A T-shirt and boxers. That's about it.

"Are you a Backstreet Boy?"-Kevin asks

"No, no don't interview me."-response

"What a rude, rude young man."-Kevin

"He's only 15, he doesn't know his words yet!" -Howie

"He whines a lot." -Donna (management) talking about Nick "I do not." -Nick, responding to Donna

"Nick's gonna be on a sugar rush." -AJ

"He really struts his stuff." -Nick's Uncle talking about Nick

"Nick's a real prankster. Last tour, he put a sock filled with different odds and ends that really stank (he won't reveal the exact contents) behind the drums, and during the show, it started smelling real bad. Revenge is being plotted as we speak." -AJ talking about one of Nick's merry pranks.

"I'm trying to think of the last time he was nice to me. . .hmm. . .he bought me lunch the other day. He doesn't help old ladies over roads or open doors though!"-Howie talking about Nick.

"Nobody could be a better brother than Nick!" -Aaron

Brian Quotes

"Most of all I like chasing girls."

What turns you on? "Girls." (He grins cheekily)

What's been your most passionate experience to date? "Oh man! It was a long time ago, I can tell you that much! (We probe deeper) It was over a year ago. I don't want to go into details, but there was a sauna involved!"

What about pierced belly buttons on girls - do they do anything for you? "Yeah, I think they're cool too."

"Actually, I have to say that I don't believe in having a sexual realtionship outside of marriage."

"Of course I like to look at pretty girls in the street. What hot-blooded boy doesn't."

"Harrump! (Pauses for a moment with a cheeky grin on his face) Let's say my neck coz' it's very sensitive. Am I sure? Um...Yeah"-when asked where he'd most like to be kissed.

"This must be my room. . .look at all these heads."

"I don't want a Backstreet Boys cereal."

"After Howie gets out of the bathroom, it really smells! Just kidding!"

"My grandmother on my dad's side is nearly 80, but she looks like she's 50 and acts like she's 30!"

"I'm very soft, ya know."

"Jet lag depresses me."

"I try to be as sane as possible!"

"I have no idea what he is talking about but I'm assuming it's about the video shoot!"

"I snore. Just ask the others!"

"I'm a manly man."

"If I had a girl I'd love to see her in my clothes. It's real romantic."

"The only person I'd be really sorry to lose to is that Marilyn Manson dude." -Talking about the MTV Awards in Europe

"He's going to be staying with me tonight."

"That's wonderful."

"Me and him are the best ones."

"I love these guys . . . oh gosh !!"

"I told you I'm gonna have a good show!"

"Hi, I'm B-Rok of the Backstreet boys, Jim Carreywannabe!"

"It's the Bone-cam."

"That's me!!"

"You got a mike, go right ahead."

"We're not perfect."

"Facts are facts, you guys said 5 minutes and it's been 5 minutes and 35 seconds."

"Don't forget about the Backstreet Boys!"

"We'd done the show 50 million times. I know it like the back of my hand but right before the curtain dropped I was thinking, this is New York City!"

"I'll be rockin' your house!"

"I like being the werewolf."

"AJ is to blame for this."

"I am a Barbie Girl."

"I am married to these guys."

"Jam on the Gap has got it!"

"If you get a coke out of the mini bar, it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg." "Might I show you the Backstreet Boys drawers?" (and he did!) "Oh, merchandising."- when asked where he got the BSB drawers

"I guess. . .

"I feel like a corncob right now."

"Are you a Backstreet Boy?" -Kevin asks "No. Hell no!" -response

(talkin' 'bout Nick)"Once, we threw him out of the dressing room in his underwear in front of a whole bunch of girls. he got real mad, but it was really funny!"