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Iron Maiden: Powerslave


Album Info
Producers:  Martin "Pool Bully" Birch.
Engineering:  Martin "Pool Bully" Birch.
Assistant Engineer:  Frankie Gibson.
Recorded at:  Compass Point,
              Nassau, Bahamas.              
Mixed at:  Electric Ladyland,
           New York.           
Mastered at Sterling Sound by:  George Marino.
Cover concept:  Derek Riggs, Rod Smallwood, and Iron Maiden.
Cover design:  Derek "The Master" Riggs.

Song                Size

Aces High                    3,017

2 Minutes to Midnight 9,299
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) 2,645
Flash of the Blade 3,259
The Duellists 6,625
Back in the Village 9,137
Powerslave 88,096
Rime of the Ancient Mariner 8,739

** Note: All these files have been compressed for quicker file transfer. Each midi provided has been selected from hundreds and happen to be the best quality. There are possiblities of each file containing more than one midi. **

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