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  Enter we welcome your presence
As you walk in these halls, you hear the screams of the ones who have been here before, but... have never made it out. You begin to wonder if YOU will suffer the same fate... All of a sudden, you think you hear a sound. Where did it come from? You look around frantically. Only to find out...... That you have been taken inside a door. The door that leads to....... "What have we here?" Asks an old voice. "Looks like another visitor! Come Seeker! Come learn the answers to the questions you have". As you walk, you see before you an old crone. She is very old, but very wise. You walk into another doorway, only to find the crone gone. To be replaced by a beautiful woman that you notice has fangs. You try to run, but are stopped. "Where did the old lady go?" you ask. The young lady answers, "She is gone little one. Now thou art mine!" But IS she gone? Or are they the same person? Enter here, and E-Mail me with your thoughts. I will respond promptly. Whether by E-Mail, or Psychic Dreams, thou wilt have to wait to find out! *VERY EVIL GRIN!*

  Shrouded in Darkness


[No Frames]