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The Lobby of Darkness
I am Gothik666 and this is Shrouded in Darkness. my web site which hopefully will be running quite soon. right now I am in the process of construction so please reload often.

Please feel free to go into all of my chambers as long as you wish. If you have a webpage or site that deals with dark culture like poems,images,etc. please fell free to join the Shrouded in darkness webring

I am what you could call a "Goth" but, I don't really care anymore. I just want to make some new friends and have a little fun. Don't you..? Of course you do.. so sign my guestbook and let me know who you are. I want to hear what you have to say or ask as long as it dosen't upset me. (That's when I add you to the enemy list) So..please be careful in what you write all the time.

If you would like to submit your own dark poetry to shrouded in darkness. please send it via Email at:

Well enjoy your stay and please leave a comment or suggestions in my guestbook... please email me if you find any links that don't work or if you would like to add a link to my dungeon of links.

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  The Lobby of darkness
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