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Is a Name Just a Label ?

I have always wondered what the name of a person meant. We now know that a person may change their names. However, it seemed to me that here is a person, and this person is now labelled. And somehow all persons carrying this "label" were acting in the same way, had some mannerism in common.

I also noticed that some persons loved their name. They associated things they thought they personally meant to be. And because of that, some others hated their names. Anyway, I noticed people were particularly interested that their name or names were pronounced correctly; especially if their name was uncommon.

Later, I discovered how important it was to have your name pronounced correctly. It made such a difference to the person carrying that name. It was as if the whole family history was connected to how that name was pronounced. And it made a difference. Especially for those that carry a "historical" name, a name made famous in some way.

We know that earlier immigrants coming to USA had their names changed [- for them]. The whole family destiny changed. Was it because they came to America ? Was it because they changed their names ? Was it because of both ? All we know is that they, for whatever reasons, wanted to start a-new. And when changing their names, their intention was to leave the old identity behind them.

Those immigrants, however, who kept their names, consciencely or subconsciencely intented to keep the old family tradition alive. And, of course, they did; the "good" and the "bad" !

Please note, I do not consider myself to have the right to judge what is "good" or "bad". On the other hand, we all have the intelligence to realize if something "works" or if something "does not work". We are always considering that issue for whatever aspirations we hold; for ourselves, towards the others inside and outside our communities, and towards the Master of the Universe.

Messages Hidden in the Sound of a Name ?

Yet, besides the historical facts of their names, to what messages were the people listening to? What messages were hidden in the sound of a name ? As it has only been a few centuries that most people could read and write, they had to be listening to stories of their family handed down through the generations.

We all know the stories about the fish that got away. Some stories grew and some stories shrank, depending on the fame or shame issues. So the telling wasn't everything.

We know that ancient history, and way passed the Middle Ages, was written in Latin and in ancient Greek. However, an even older language than these, used then, and revived for every day use today, is Hebrew.

To then discover that there exists an ancient tradition, "since the Beginning of Time", of deciphering sounds and letters, made my search all the more fascinating. How were we able to get to those hidden, secret messages ciphered in our names ?

The "tool" which we could use, is called the Gemetria, a part of the Kabbalah. The word "Kabbalah" has as its root the Hebrew word KBL (kibel), meaning to "receive". The Kabbalah itself is an esoteric doctrine handed down orally from generation to generation dealing with the age-old tradition of "receiving".

The Kabbalah is a philosophical and theosophical system, originally designed to answer mankind's eternal questions about the substantiality of God and the universe, and ultimately, about the Destiny of Man. For example, "What does it mean to be human ?" and "How do we live with this knowledge so that we can make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of our fellow human beings ?". Its practical use arises from the many connections between the different aspects of human life and the all-encompassing laws.

Thus, wasn't the world created by the Word, spoken by the Master of the Universe ? [ 1st. Moses, 1, 3/4; and John 1, 1-3 ]. And was it not the SOUND of those words HE spoke decisive for everything that came into being ? And thus, isn't it of great importance to know what messages are contained in the sound of names, anagrams and allegories ? Don't these messages influence our lives, our professions, and every decision with which we are confronted ?

GEMETRIA - A Short Explanation - A Simple Example

We now remember that the Hebrew script is written with consonants only, without any vowels. Thus "Renner" is written as "RNR".

At first, like the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the letters were pictograms i.e. symbolic pictures, e.g. Camel [letter "G"], Hand [letters "Y", "J"]. Then they were converted to ideas, ideograms e.g. Camel = the (physical) Supporter, as you can't cross the dessert [of Life] without the support of the Camel; Hand = Creativity, because when you create something you use your Hands.

Then, each letter received a numeric value [ like the Roman numbers, used on a clock-face ] and the Ancients counted with them, e.g.

"G"+"Y" = 2+10 = "GY", "Y"-"G" = "Ch" [= 8 = Fence, Enclosure].

So, let us set up a Table of Letters for the Name "Renner":

Letters - Pictograms - Ideograms - Numeric Values

Resh ---- Head ---- Thoughts, Principles - 200

Nun ----- Fish ----- Multitudes, Prosperity - 50

Resh ---- Head ---- Thoughts, Principles - 200

Please note, the picturegram of Resh, the Head, is used both for the body part and the position of a person in charge. We have this in English and other modern languages too.

The ideograms of Nun, the Fish, contains the idea that a fish's spawn cannot be counted. It stands for "innumberal" and for prosperity, which includes money, yet it is meant as a spiritual and mental prosperity.

So, a message containing the pictures and ideas of: "Thoughts, Principles - Multitudes, Prosperity - Thoughts, Priciples", could read in plain English:

"Be the Person-in-Charge of Thoughts and Principles about the mental, spiritual [the Education] and financial Prosperity of the Multitudes [the People] !"

The world's most famous Renner was Dr. Karl Renner, Ph. D., first President of Austria, just after World War II. He took charge of building up a country devastated and in financial ruin. He left behind him the Karl Renner Institut, a university, which you can read about, admittedly in German, at

We could imagine that Dr. Karl Renner heared the "secret" messages of the name Renner.

Now the message above is just the message on the First Level of Conscienceness. To find out more we must go into the Allegories of the Number "450", the numeric value of Renner.

Allegory means the epression of symbolic fictional numbers, actions and beliefs of generalizations about human conduct or experiance, and which have a connection to each other. Below is a classical example. Please note, although we are using sounds of which the writing would be in Hebrew. It doesn't matter in which language we are talking - or singing - as long as the writing of those sounds is in Hebrew and the numeric values of these sounds are allegoric, meaning the same.

The King, "MLCh" and the Fool (court jester) "ChML" are connected by their numeric value of 570, and further more they have the same letters. The question is then, who of both has the most power - and the most freedom of speech ? They are definitively connected !

Allegories of the Name "Renner", the numeric value of 450

Letters- Picturegrams - Ideograms - Numeric Values

Tav[Tau] - Sign of the Cross - The Passage from the Here to the Beyond - 400

Nun ------------ Fish -------------- Multitudes, Prosperity ---------------- 50

Message: "The Passage from the Here to the Beyond is [gained] by [the develope- ment of] the mental, spiritual [the Education] and financial Prosperity of the Multitudes [the People]!"

It does sound too good to be true !

Yet there are also messages out of the Dark Realms. So let us investigate two of the following allegories of 450 :

KShPhYM = Keshaphim = Witchcraft, sorceries. What is meant is the misuse of materials, and especially of people, to achieve goals which will cause harm to others and the enviroment. [Magic as such, is just the name for something which we do not yet know how it works !] An interesting synonyme in Hebrew is QSM, which also means "divination": the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events.

PARPAChYTAS = Parfaxitas, the [Latin] name of the Guardian Demon of the 27th Tunnel of Set, guarding "Arsonists", Instigators [those who set people up against each other]. They live between Dispersion [the scattering of values] and the Poisoning of the Spirit [causing a harnful and ruinous influence on a person].

Here, we avoiding going into the very detailed structure of the Tree of Death [meaning the things that "don't work"; things that destroy life in all its meanings]. And, we don't believe in demons as such, of course. They are the symbols of human weaknesses and "dark intentions".

We learned that there are always more sides to a human being and also more sides to human aspirations than one or two. All Renners are thus confronted with all these sides. Those that work are to be enhanced and those that don't work we are to be made aware of. We can then decide to stop them !

And the final Message of the Name Renner:

"Educate the People for mental, spiritual and material prosperity !"

How Can We Educate Ourselves Further ?

On this Page, this is as far as we can go ! There are more messages hidden in the deaper levels of conscienceness. However, we can only go there if we are prepared to educate ourselves further. Those of you, who have become curious and who are interested to study this fascinating "material", may want get in touch with us.

We offer courses and individual lessons according to your needs. You may even be so stimulated as to organize such a course for us. We shall then come to your church or temple, to your school and to your university, to your corporation, your business, to your family and to your group of friends to give you the possibility to learn about The Secret Messages of Your Names.

In these courses, you will first learn to write names in Hebrew. Then the pictograms, ideograms, numeric values, meanings and interpretations of the Hebrew letters, and the messages of these names will become familar to you. We shall investigate how these messages may influence you, your organization, e.g. your business. Perhaps it may be fun and interesting to study what influences these messages may have for your children. We shall also explore what you may want to do about it - e.g. change the name !

We are also preparing a course on the practical daily use of "The Tree of Life" and its shadow side "The Tree of Death".

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About the Teacher-Facilitator

Gábor Renner was born in 1940, the great-grandson of Rabbi Leopold Loew (1811-1875), the first reform-rabbi of Budapest. After varied professional experiences, he is now a neurological re-education specialist. He is the co-founder of the Renner-Sturgeon Method, a performing arts consultant and teaches a wide range of different courses. He leads his courses with the humanistic attitude of Ruth C. Cohn [ TCI = Theme-Centered Interaction ], Moshe Feldenkrais [ FM = Feldenkrais Method ] and Martin Sage [ AVF = Audio-Visual Feedback ].

He has been a life-long student of the Kabbalah and his principal kabbalistic teacher was the infamous Friedrich Weinrebb, dazzling personality, mathamatician and visionary of "infinities".

Thank you for your visit. It may interest you, that you are our th. guest. "Baruch abah!" May it be a blessing to us all !