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Here are a few pictures of DRAGONS I thought you might like to see!

This is as close to thumbnails as I can come. You can still click on the small images to view the full size images. I am still learning and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will update this page as often as I learn new stuff. Thanks for being patient with me.

Click on the Fairy to see a friends fantasy page. There are a lot of things I think you will enjoy. I like it and am sure you will too.

You will see a lot of these on the internet. Yet I did not get any e-mails asking if people could use them. Hmm oh well I created them to be seen so I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has used them. I like the exposure and love people seeing my work. My pics are for the public.

I will try to update this page when I get new pics.

If you have any pics you think I could use please e-mail them to me. Gargon's Mail If you like rpg's check out my other site! "There are two more pics of DRAGONS there too.