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News Resources for Skating Fans
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  • Blades On Ice
  • International Figure Skating Magazine
  • Skating Magazine Current Issue
  • Television Networks:

  •, they call Figure Skating "Women's Sport". I wonder how Michael Weiss would feel about that!
  • - Winter Sports
  • - FigureSkating
  • Eurosport
  • Figure Skating
  • Newsgroups:

  • RSSIF via Deja or
  • Newspapers:

  • Boston Globe Online
  • Chicago Tribune Sports - Main
  • Detroit Free Press Sports (check the "Other sports" and "Page two" links
  • The Globe and Mail Sports - Other Sports
  • National Post Online - sports
  • New York Times Sports Index
  • SLAM! Sports Figure Skating - Canada figure skating news
  • Toronto Star Sports
  • USA TODAY Sports
  • Personal pages and news collections:

  • Figure Skating News by Jenny
  • SkateWeb The Figure Skating Page
  • Wire Services

  • Excite news and photo search
  • Sportserver Other Sports News (also has a photo selection)
  • Total Sports
  • Yahoo news and photo search