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Green Side Out
Marine Corps Sea Stories
The Second Wind
A Study in Retirement Non-Adjustment
Brown Side Out
MORE Marine Corps Sea Stories
Renegade by Choice
The Third Wind
Run in Circles
Marine Corps Sea Stories Book III
The Benevolent Curmudgeon
The Fourth Wind
Scream and Shout
Marine Corps Sea Stories Book IV
Politically Correct.- NOT!
Dunks Almanac
Old-Fashioned Observations
Why I never Made it inside the Beltway
The Birth of Clint McQuade
The Raggedy Ass Marines (by Tom Moore)
Clint McQuade USMC


A Little from one of the books

Green Side Out
A collection of funny, sad and poignant "letters" relating the experiences of two professional Marines, truthfully telling it like it was in the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Laugh with the inept antics of "Trash Five," the battalion XO; Monk Monaco, the constant practical joker; Bill Koontz, a legend among Marine tankers; and those other magnificent little Green Men who make up the Corps of Marines. The glossary, contained in the beginning of the book, is sufficient reason to add this book to your collection. A sample: "MUSTANG -- Officer with prior enlisted service. Easily identifiable at social gatherings, as they group together, scratch their asses and drink beer." 333 pages.

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