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Although new to Siberian Huskies since 1997, we are not new to dogs. We have enjoyed extensive success in breeding and showing our own Chihuahuas since 1971, as well as my professionally handling Chihuahuas and other many breeds for friends and clients. We dabbled in Miniature Pinschers for about 8 years, finishing three homebred champions, including a group winner from puppy class. We maintain a small hobby kennel. All dogs are housed indoors. The Huskies sleep in our bed or in our bedroom (depending on shedding cycles), share our daily routine, and are constantly underfoot in the kitchen. Trips to town, to the store or to see friends usually consist of the girls doing backflips to go along...just let them hear the jingle of the car keys! We have a large fenced yard with lots of trees which provides plenty of room to run, play, sun and chase squirrels!

Chihuahuas have been and will always remain my #1 breed. We invite you to visit our other homepage, POCO HACIENDA CHIHUAHUAS, at: http://www.geocities.com/Petsburgh/1495.

We are thrilled with the new additions to our family! They are such sweet, loving, entertaining creatures, they have such wonderful temperaments and they get along well with our little ones! I became intrigued with Huskies when I first saw Essi's pups and then Essi.... Huskies have such a hauntingly beautiful, intelligent expression!

Having years ago had the honor and pleasure of being owned by a beautiful Vin Melca bred champion Norwegian Elkhound bitch, Ch. Norvik's Hi Honey Rebel Ridge - "Honey", I am somewhat familiar with "Nordic" breeds.

I observed the Huskies as much as possible at the shows and have introduced myself to and have gotten to know several very warm and friendly Husky people.

My husband Randy and I are committed to responsibly protecting, promoting and producing only the best quality Siberian Huskies we possibly can. We believe that only the best should be bred. Our dogs are vet checked, hips, elbows & eyes are certified before the decision is made to breed. Good temperament is a must. We feel we are very fortunate in having the quality bitches we have to start with.

So far, we have bred two litters - our first litter, born January 15, 1998 out of ""Cassie" - (Ch. Alcinta's Icy Sky Raindancer)" and ""Gero", (Ch. Arrow Bamboo Black Jaguar), produced BISS Ch. Alcinta's Chena of Barynuk - the first WHITE Siberian in the breed's history to win Best In Specialty Show - she finished the hard way -- from the classes, defeating some of the top specials dogs in the country, for a 5 point major to finish. Chena graced the cover of The Siberian Quarterly, Summer 2000 issue.

Our second litter was born June 4, 1998 and was also sired by "Gero" and out of our black & white bitch,"Essi" - (Ch. Freon's Escapade). Out of that breeding, we have our "Geo's Lexus of Alcinta."

Our goal is to raise a few good ones to play with and run around the show ring with (for a change) for our own personal enjoyment. For those of you who know me or have observed me showing my Chihuahuas over the years and may have wondered WHY a woman 6'3" would show such tiny dogs as Chihuahuas, heads up! Hopefully this year and next, you'll see 4 legs sailing around the rings with 2 more very long legs behind trying to keep up!

We are not interested in "mass producing" Huskies.

We would like to thank Altie and Cindy Wortmann of Alcinta Siberians for their generosity, friendship and trust in allowing us the opportunity to share their girls with us to get us started with QUALITY. With their support and guidance, we are confident the Siberians that we produce will be outstanding representatives of the breed that we can all be very proud of.




Randy & Lynne George     P.O. Box 1035     Conroe, TX 77305-1035



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