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Welcome to The Thin Blue Line we hope you enjoy your visit. Glock18 is a police officer in Honea Path South Carolina and I am a police officer in Abbeville South Carolina. Our page will include links for Law Enforcement and other related fields of service to the public. Please e-mail us if any of the graphics which are posted here have a copyright and we will remove them. We look forward to hearing your comments or suggestions on our page. Glock18 and I are a two cop family we have been married for eight years and share many of the same interest and hobbies one of which is collecting patches. Check out our patch link and see the patches we have collected. If you are interested in trading patches, drop us an e-mail located on our main page. If you would like your department patch added to our page contact us through e-mail for instructions. Glock18 is a S.L.E.D. Certified Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor. If you live in South Carolina and are interested in taking a class contact Glock18 for a training schedule. We pride ourselves on our Southern hospitality so ya'll come see us sometime, you hear. : )

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