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Let me reassure you that God does not expect you to be "perfect". I say this because we don't always have the proper perspective of what "perfect" means. When we think about being perfect we think about how we act, how many mistakes we make, how much we sin, or do we have any problems or flaws. We think about the way we look, what positions we have, how successful we are, how much respect we receive, or how important we are to others. These are all perspectives and judgements of man, not God.

The word perfect means "being complete, lacking in nothing". So when you think about God wanting you to be perfect, think instead that He wants you to be "complete, lacking in nothing". This completeness He wants for us is a spiritual one, not an earthly, material or behavioral completeness. What God desires is for us to be more like His Son. Why, because Jesus behaved perfectly? I don't think so, Jesus, more than anything depended on the Father. He depended on the Father for everything. Jesus was not concerned with "self"; He was concerned with doing the will of the Father. So, when we become more like Him, it is not about how we act as much as it is about becoming more dependent on Him, looking to Him and seeking Him. And as we do that we become more like Jesus because "self" decreases in our lives and HE increases. When that happens, our behavior changes. Think about this, would God want you to behave perfectly or be completely His?

You know what the good news is? According to God, we are already perfect in His sight. It is not something we earn, but something we have been GIVEN Why? Because Jesus was perfect, complete, lacking in nothing. When we accepted Jesus into our hearts as Lord and Savior, we were placed in Him. So what is His, is ours. God put to our account Christ's righteousness so that we would be forever reconciled to God through Christ. We are complete, and lacking in nothing because we have Christ. We need nothing else to please God, for we have Christ! So when you start feeling guilty about what you are doing, just turn to Him. Confess what you are going through and ask Him to make your path straight. Then as you seek Him, watch Him make the changes in your heart and in your life. A change of heart always brings about a change of purpose. Remember, if you catch yourself thinking you should be better or perfect, that's not God talking…..He would tell you He loves you and to look at Him! "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6


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