For those interested in a new kind of collapsible - folding cart that does NOT require emptying basket, here are some links to specialty folding carts pages on

Folding / Collapsible Maintenance Cart: Heavy duty Utility/Service/Tool cart (folding cart)

Folding Exhibitor Cart for Show Exhibitors: Heavy duty Service/Shopping/Utility Cart

Folding HVAC cart: Heavy duty Tool/Service/Folding Utility Cart

Folding Collapsible Cart: Heavy duty Utility/Service/Shopping Cart ideal for Music Gear

folding shopping cart: Heavy duty Utility/Service/Tool/Paint/Shopping Cart perfect for painters & muralists

Folding Paintless Dent Removal - PDR Tool Cart: Heavy duty Utility/Service/tool Cart

Folding Pool Maintenance Cart: Heavy duty Utility/Service Cart/Tool Cart & cargo carrier & cargo organizer

Folding SUV cart: Heavy duty Utility/Shopping/Grocery cart

Folding Caterer, Tile... Cart: Heavy duty Utility/Tool/Service Cart for offices, document handling (attorneys/accountants), florists, caterers, tile contractors...

Folding Carts for Trucks: Heavy duty Grocery/Utility/Tool/Service Carts that fold into truck bed

Folding Cart for Vans: Heavy duty Utility/Service/Shopping/Grocery cart

We also just added these pages:
Folding Cart for orthopedic/hernia/medical use: Cart Reduces Aches and Pains

Folding Cart for Condos/Apartments: Ideal for Condo/Apartment with elevators

Folding Cart for Security / Computer Systems Techs: Cart assists in Security and Computer Systems Installation

Folding Cart for Spinners and Weavers: Cart Eases Transport of Spinning and Weaving Supplies

The above are some links to specialty folding carts pages on