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These are the G1 figures I have at the moment.

Grimlock C8 with gun and sword, good stickers. $20
Mirage C6 no accessories, stickers worn, no spoiler. $8
Micromaster Air-Strike Patrol (Decepticon) C10. $8
Bonecrusher C9 no accessories, excellent stickers. $8
Scrapper C8 no accessories, good chrome, no canopy. $6
Spinister C6 no accessories, sticker wear. $9
Scattershot C7 no accessories, stickers worn. $8
Chromedome C6 sticker wear, Stylor has missing arms. $10
AM Grimlock MOSC. $15
AM Banzai-Tron Mint with gun but no partner $10
Micromaster Skyhopper C10 incomplete. $10
Wheeljack C9 complete with C7 box. $40
Thrust C9 complete. $25

Parts I have for trade/sale.

Fistfight (AM Shockwave's partner)
Galvatron's black handgun.
Wheeljack Missile

If you can't see something you want then E-mail me and I'll see if I can get it for you.