What Others Say About Hanover Technical Sales, Inc.


July 13, 2017
Dealing with you guys is like going to Jimmy Johns!
Looking forward to it. Thank you.

........ Matt

Note: We just thought we were doing our job, but
appreciate the pat on the back. Let us get your
back, too!

Actually, being a foodie, I take his comment as
the ultimate compliment!


Got the Kroy K4350 today, already printed out
24 labels for my drawers and about 150 pieces
of shrink tubing. Took a while to get software
setup and working but that's always been my
least favorite part of anything. Thanks!

........ Jacob

(Prior to his printer arriving, we emailed him some
tips on how to make things work most smoothly.
Glad to see it was worth it for him!)


We TURBO'd some Kroy K5100's
for a customer in Norfolk, VA.
I think he approved!

May 23, 2017
Thanks, Don!

I just tried out all (3) printers using
1/2" heat shrink. Our primary use is
with heat shrink. All (3) printers
worked great.

........ Mark


April 26, 2017
Thank you very much for all
your help with our orders,
we appreciate all of you
very much!!
........ DS


November 23, 2016
You guys are awesome,!
........ Tom

Note: We hear this more and more.
And we love it. We even do little things
here and there to encourage this type
of report. Maybe it's your turn! Give
us a call soon!


November 15, 2016
I just wanted to call and compliment you on your great service. We called your office yesterday to order a new power supply for our Kroy K4350, and it was on my desk in Maryland at 10:10 this morning! Our project continues without missing a beat!
........ Ted


October 11,2016
Dear Don,
I received the item already. Really appreciate your follow-up and quick response. I will definitely purchase labels and printers from Hanover in the future.
Best Regards
........ Stella

(Note) Stella is in a far away land, and we made the world temporarily seem a little smaller. Happy to help!

Thank you very much ... for all you have done for us. I do compliment you on your extraordinary efficient service and business modus operandi!. We do business with many companies globally, but I have to say where efficiency and customer service is concerned, you have scored top marks with this unfortunate incident.

........ Rudy

(If it's not obvious, this customer received a product that failed within a couple days of first use. We did what we thought was right. Apparently, he agreed.)


Sir, you are nothing less than amazing!

God Bless You and God Bless America.

........ Ray

(We are doing OK. We'll gladly share some of our fortune with America! Thank you, Ray!)


(10/6/2016) A long time customer writes
Thanks for all your help as usual, always a pleasure working with Hanover!

"J" ........................

(1/28/2016) A Customer Writes
The (rental) meters are on their way back to your office.
Thank you for your exceptional customer service,
it was refreshing to work with your company,
we will keep you in mind for our future needs.

Thank you,

Senior Electrical Designer
Master Electrician
Electrical Inspector

Hi Guys:

You are too much!!

Another great product delivered on time to my very tight travel schedule. I wished more of my suppliers had your drive and commitment.

Best yet, I was trying to figure out how to get a J or K type thermo couple rounded up, well there is already one included.

Many thanks to you and your staff Don, honor and integrity are still valued out here!


And Still More Kind Words ...


........ New Customer


"There are only five companies that I am willing to recommend to others �
and yours is one of them �"

........ Charles


"Your attention to customer service is exemplary;
I could name quite a few American companies who could learn
a thing or two about world class customer service from you."

........ "C" (in the Middle East)


"Thank you so much. I received the shipment today and we are very pleased. I will definitely return to your company for my supply needs in the future."

........ Sarah


"Really enjoy the ELITEpro. You were correct when you said it would fill the bill."

........ Ray


"Thank you for the quick response. Your prompt action saved us a great deal of extra work. It was a pleasure dealing with you."

........ John


"I would like to thank you for your support and willingness to go out of your way to ensure the needs of my company (large electrical contractor) have been met. Your diligence in rectifying issues that arose has been significant in keeping the project on schedule."

........ Tim


"You are an Angel!" ........ Michelle


"You are a magician!" ........ Dick

(We appreciate both comments ...
the Angel assessment is correct! :) )


"We are experiencing "shock & awe"
over here, but in the best way!"

......... Dean


"It has been a pleasure dealing with a professional company such as yours. Great customer service. A hard thing to find anymore."

......... Allen


"Thank you for service I'm not used to getting in today's world."
......... Al (no relation to Allen)


"Thank you for continuing to conduct your business with such integrity."
......... Rick


"Hello Don,
I wanted to let you know that the (Panduit equivalent) label tape I ordered recently is exactly what we need.
I would also like to thank you for your confidence and Money Back guarantee. I was skeptical about the tape
and hoped you knew what you were talking about. I am glad this worked out because now we do not need to
purchase a new labeling unit." ... Judy


Someday, we hope to have the opportunity to add
your appraisal of our company here, as well.

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