Label Supplies For Your Kroy K4350 Label Printer

Bulk Heat Shrink Tube Reels
Discount priced way below handy cartridge supplies. Ultra-thin wall cadmium-free polyolefin heat shrink tubing with a 3:1 shrink ratio. Flame retardant, chemical, water and abrasion resistant. Recommended for use in general purpose applications for protection and identification of components and wiring in light wire harness assemblies, etc. Inside diameter shown.

Protect your printer. Accept no substitutes. This shrink tube is pre-flattened and hence may be printable on several brands of label printer besides the K4350. If you already happen to have another brand of printer, we have samples of tubing that we can let you try. The caveat is that most other printers do not accomodate supply less than one inch on the flat. 1/4 inch shrink tube, for example, is about 3/8 inch on the flat. Another caveat may be that our premium resin printer ribbons may not fit your existing printer. It has a 1 inch core (center). Your present software likewise may not accommodate the printing of something as small as shrink tube. We cannot provide tech support for third party printers and software, we regret to advise.

100 Foot Spools
Sold in 100 foot spools. We sell at slightly less than factory direct, and can improve pricing just a hair more where enough volume is purchased. This is the same quality polyolefin tubing that Kroy uses in their patented K2500 and TM650 cartridges, but costs about half the price per foot in bulk.

Blanket Orders Welcomed
We can schedule your releases at any time that suits your manufacturing schedule.

Use Reliable Ribbons
To print on heat shrink tube, instead of the Kroy 92-BLK-PR243U, we recommend the use of our special Kroy 92-BLK-WR43ST premium hybrid black resin shrink tube ribbon, 984 feet in length by 1.95 inches wide on a one inch core. This ribbon minimizes the incidence of static electricity on the expensive print head. And the print is more durable than the PR243U. It's great for MIL-spec jobs!

All styles shown are in stock for immediate shipment.

Mfr's Sugg. Retail Prices Shown
Call for latest discount pricing

100' Shrink Tube Reels
Diameter Color Cat. # MSRP
0.125" White 98-WT31-0342 $131.95
0.125" Yellow 98-YT31-0342 $131.95
0.188" White 98-WT31-0442 $143.95
0.188" Yellow 98-YT31-0442 $143.95
0.250" White 98-WT31-0642 $153.95
0.250" Yellow 98-YT31-0642 $153.95
0.375" White 98-WT31-0942 $176.95
0.375" Yellow 98-YT31-0942 $176.95
0.500" White 98-WT31-1242 $197.95
0.500" Yellow 98-YT31-1242 $197.95
0.750" White 98-WT31-1942 $263.95
0.750" Yellow 98-YT31-1942 $263.95
1.00" White 98-WT31-2542 $349.95
1.00" Yellow 98-YT31-2542 $349.95


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Other Label Supplies

Continuous and Die Cut Labels For Your Kroy K4350

Continuous Vinyl and Cast Vinyl
Great for indoor or outdoor labeling applications. This material presents a fine appearance when printed with resin or premium resin ribbons. We stock black as well as several colors of ribbons. Label stocks come in up to four dimensions, depending on color. We can also custom slit to as narrow as one half inch. Lengths are dependent upon source and type. Cast vinyl is usually 130 feet per roll and the catalog number ends in 25. Calendared vinyl is usually in 150 foot rolls and the catalog number ends in 75. Most are on 3" cores, although we still have a few on 1" cores that will fit inside the K4350. Prices vary in part due to length, and part due to color. We've also been known to inventory special colors for our special customers. And all of our customers are special, if you were wondering. One more reason why Hanover should always be your first source for all your labeling supply needs.

Not yet shown, but we've added a variety of great CLEAR cast vinyl label tapes. They print very well!

Vinyl & Cast Vinyl Rolls
Width Color Cat. # Your $
1" Black 97-V-BLK-C175 $23.95
2" Black 97-V-BLK-C275 $32.95
3" Black 97-V-BLK-C375 $43.95
4" Black 97-V-BLK-C475 $54.95
1" Blue 97-V-BLU-C175 $23.95
2" Blue 97-V-BLU-C275 $32.95
3" Blue 97-V-BLU-C375 $43.95
4" Blue 97-V-BLU-C475 $54.95
1"-4" Clear 97-V-CLR-Cx75 $CALL!
1"-4" Gold 97-V-GLD-Cx75 $CALL!
1" Green 97-V-GRN-C175 $23.95
2" Green 97-V-GRN-C275 $32.95
3" Green 97-V-GRN-C375 $43.95
4" Green 97-V-GRN-C475 $54.95
1" Orange 97-V-OGE-C125 $23.95
2" Orange 97-V-OGE-C225 $32.95
3" Orange 97-V-OGE-C325 $43.95
4" Orange 97-V-OGE-C425 $54.95
1" Red 97-V-RED-C175 $23.95
2" Red 97-V-RED-C275 $32.95
3" Red 97-V-RED-C375 $43.95
4" Red 97-V-RED-C475 $54.95
1" Silver 97-V-SIL-C175 $23.95
2" Silver 97-V-SIL-C275 $32.95
3" Silver 97-V-SIL-C375 $43.95
4" Silver 97-V-SIL-C475 $54.95
0.5" White 97-V-WHT-C0575 $33.95
0.625" White 97-V-WHT-C062575 $34.95
1" White 97-V-WHT-C175 $23.95
2" White 97-V-WHT-C275 $32.95
3" White 97-V-WHT-C375 $43.95
4" White 97-V-WHT-C475 $54.95
1" Yellow 97-V-YEL-C175 $23.95
2" Yellow 97-V-YEL-C275 $32.95
3" Yellow 97-V-YEL-C375 $43.95
4" Yellow 97-V-YEL-C475 $54.95

Wire Wrap Wire Markers
These are self-laminating wire markers that wrap around wire. The printing is on a white background. The translucent tail wraps around and seals the printing so you get a highly legible, well protected wire or cable marker. While heat shrink tube is usually considered best for most wire marking jobs, if the wires are already landed, wire wrap is usually the most practical method to use.

Call for sizes and quantities per roll on this product.

VRAP Wire Wrap Markers
Cat. # Your $
97-VRAP-0176W $49.95
97-VRAP-0276W $47.95
97-VRAP-0376W DISC - See 0776W
97-VRAP-0476W $27.25
97-VRAP-0576W $33.25
97-VRAP-0676W $48.95
97-VRAP-0776W $50.75
97-VRAP-0876W $102.95
97-VRAP-0976W $98.95
97-VRAP-1176W $55.95

Die Cut Labels
Individually pre-cut labels which are laid on a quick release liner paper at precise distances from each other. Gaps are typically about a tenth of an inch. Most labels of this sort are white in color. We also have some silver colored ones. If you needs are special, we can produce numerous sizes other than the ones in stock, but needless to say, such custom labels are pricey, and usually only available in large lots of 5,000 labels or more. Label widths vary from 1" up to 4". Lengths vary up to 6". We even have some die cuts that are 0.60" by 1.00 inch, great for labeling PC boards, etc. Call for more details on this product line.

Blanket Orders Welcomed
We can schedule your releases at any time that suits your manufacturing schedule.

Use Reliable Ribbons
To print on the larger labels, we recommend the use of our 92-BLK-PR443U premium black resin ribbon, 984 feet in length by 4.00 inches wide on a one inch core. Kroy only recently reformulated this resin ribbon. The width was decreased to 4.00 inches and the unused ribbon looks mottled gray and black, with a lower contrast! We also have 2.43 and 3.3 inch wide resin ribbons for the more narrow styles of label supply. For paper and Poly-Art labels (durable synthetic paper), we also stock a limited array of less costly wax ribbons.

HEAT SHRINK TUBE PRINTING - Heat Shrink Tube printing presents special issues to the machine that is doing the work. We recommend our 92-BLK-WR43ST for that job. We believe that forulation of ribbon will help reduce static electricity that can damage or destroy a very expensive print head. Ask us about our new White ribbon specifically formulated to use with black heat shrink tube.

All styles shown (and many not shown) are in stock for immediate shipment.

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