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Dear visitor, here are the best of Islamic sites, which will be updated (InchAllah) regularly.


 Muslim Students Association

Muslim Student Association for the United States & Canada (MSA)

Muslim Student Association (MSA) of Suny Buffalo home page for Islamic information

OUR GREAT BOOK THE KORAN : To download the Koran & the Hadith


Muslim Student Association (MSA-Net) Has very good links & articles



Discover Islam

CCIL multi-language muslim site

Muslim Student Association (MSA-Net)

World Assembly of Muslim Youth Homepage


Sahih Bukhari Complete Translation (from MSA)

Info On Prayer

Islam and astronomy

Islam and medicine

Stories of People finding the truth

The Alim Online: includes information on: Islamic Chronology * Yusuf Ali Qur'an Translation * Yusuf Ali Q ur'an Translation Subject List * Sahih Bukhari Hadith * Sahih Bukhari Subject List * Marmaduke Pickthall Qur'an Translation * Qur'an Roman Transliteration * Islamic Biographies * Islamic Dictionary

University of Northumbria Islamic Society: Quran in Arabic Script - Translation of the Quran (Yusuf Ali) - Complete Hadith Database - Islamic Pictures - Islamic Booklets

Sahih Bukhari Complete Translation (from MSA)

International Islamic Da’wah Centre -stocks over 12,000 audio, video, CD, multimedia and book titles on Islam.

The Islamic Book home page

QIBLA Server of Islam: The Qur'an and Islamic Books Library Archive provides an extensive resource of Islamic texts and materials.

Ihlas' Page on Islam: - fulltext for several books.

International Books and Tape supply Inc

 The Prayer Time v. 3.0

SALAFI Network