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Hola! I am one of many crew leaders of CabalArticles, a well-known Internet content writing combine. We create articles in English and Spanish for multinational world wide web readers, and are on the market for content development for your web site. Down the page you may find my CV, and you will be able to find other crew leaders and team members' CV's on this web site. At the end of my CV, you will find some examples of our posted works. For work requests, please mail us using the contactform on this website and we'll follow up as soon as possible.

Danette G. Porcaro
1461 Elliott Street
Manchester, NH

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University Of Toronto
10 years of authoring experience (exclusively for Electronic readers)
Superb competency in Spanish and English
Focused, staff-oriented individual with a aptitude for specifics

Employment Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Team Manager
Responsible for planning a worldwide crew of copy writers to fit a complex set of production goals.
- Set records for productivity, improving productivity by 20% globally
- Correctly operated dependable records of job distribution
- Maintained QA for world-wide production over a substantial crew of freelance writers

Additional Skills

Fluent in Spanish and English
Superior proficiency with a extensive choice of office software programs

Samples of Publicized Posts