HIR Honesty, Integrity and Respect
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heartsYou can show your support for H.I.R.
by taking one of the the logos
and placing it on your site.hearts

We ask that you:

heartsLink back to HIR at:

heartsDo not alter the graphic in anyway.

heartsSave to your own server and do not direct link to the graphic here.



heartsWe would like to personally thank each and every one of you kind people who have supported our group.

heartsIt is something that can affect everyone of us at some point, as long as we are webpage owners.

heartsWe hope this will deter anybody with any ideas to copy, steal or otherwise dishonestly use others copyrighted works, whether they be graphics or a page of text.

heartsWe thank you all very kindly for standing behind what is right!

"I Honesty Love You"

Midi's from Laura's Midi Heaven

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Updated August 2, 1999