Ugh, that title is pretty bad.  It even had me groaning.  But anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Whittling is relatively simple.  All you need to do is get yourself a stick and a knife and a nice comfy place to sit and you can whittle the day away.  The tough part is deciding what you want to whittle.  Of course whittling also takes skill.  It seems to depend on arts and gadgets and coordination, maybe some other stuff but who can be sure.

To whittle an object, hold the stick and the knife and type WHITTLE <object>.  Depending on your skill you will either not even know where to start, nearly cut your finger off, or cut yourself an ugly firelog... anything beyond that will result in a carving of some sort.  They can be crude, rough, or well-carved.  Some items once carved can do things, like birds you can exhale and depending on how well you carved it it will act as a bird call.

Ok, now for the rather extensive list of things I've gathered to be carvable.  This list is always being added to, so it will probably never be complete, but I'll list what I know.  Thanks to all who helped me compile it, you know who you are!

Asp Cheetah Dog Kitten Mouse Reindeer
Bear Chicken Dolphin Lamb Mule Snake
Boar Cobra Fox Leopard Panther Squirrel
Bobcat Cougar Frog Lion Pig Tiger
Bunny Cow Goat Lizard Puma Toad
Camel Coyote Horse Lynx Puppy Turtle
Cat Crab Hyena Mermel Rabbit Wolf
Deer Dingo Jaguar Monkey Rat

Bass Catfish Ketos Seahorse Sunfish Whale
Bluegill Dove Octopus Shark Trout
Bullhead Fish Perch Sheep Walleye

Bat Eagle Nightingale Parrot Raven
Bird Hawk Owl Sparrow Swan

Aegir Demeter Hephaestus Loki Ptah Thoth
Anubis Dionysus Hera Mount Olympus Ra Tyr
Aphrodite Discord Hermes Nekhbet Sekhmet Zeus
Apollo Freya Hestia Nut Set
Ares Frigg Horus Odin Sif
Artemis Hades Huldra Osiris Snotra
Athena Hathor Imhotep Pan Strife
Balder Hebe Iris Persephone Tefnut
Bast Heimdall Isis Poseidon Thor

Mythical Beasts
Bacchae Dryad Hydra Minotaur Satyr
Cerberus Gorgon Kraken Nisse Serpent
Cyclops Gryphon Maenad Nymph Troll
Dragon Harpy Mermaid Pegasus

Apple Cherry Lemon Peach Pineapple
Banana Grape cluster Orange Pear Pomegranate

People and Such
Centaur Giant Human Skull Viking

Ball Butterfly Doll Orchid Snowflake Sunflower
Bedbug Cricket Heart Rose Spider Toothpick
Block Daisy Leaf Scorpion Star
Boat Dragonfly Moon Snail Sun