The Sequel to Hit Hanson Fiction: I Was Zac Hanson's Best Friend

By Jordana

Spotlight is one of the best stories I have read in basically all of my life! It is the epitome of everything a good story should be. I hope Jordana continues to write more stories just like this or even better (if that is possible)! -Hannah

"This isn't like any other fan-fiction out there! I stayed up all night hooked on this story!" -Mille

I think that SPOTLIGHT is a really great story. I love reading about the life of Zac Hanson and his best friend Sam. The story has put me on the edge of my seat, thrilled me, made me laugh and even made me cry. -Megan

"Jordana's writing is even better than the professionals! -Glenda

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The Chapters

Chapter 1: Into The Lime Light:
Chapter 2: One Love, One Lust:
Chapter 3: Baby Move Your Butt:
Chapter 4: While You Were Sleeping:
Chapter 5: Who To Blame:
Chapter 6: Fight Part One:
Chapter 7: Fight Part Two:
Chapter 8: Sorting Out The Strings:
Chapter 9: And A Week Goes By:
Chapter 10: Realization:
Chapter 11: Phone Call:
Chapter 12: The Way It's Gonna Be:
Chapter 13: And Her Name Is...:
Chapter 14: Curtailed Stare:

More Coming Soon!!