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Early Americans crisscrossed our great nation in search of jobs, prosperity, land, and a safe place to settle where they could raise their families. They moved west, south and north from their initial settlements on the east coast. Children were born while others lost their lives on the long journeys, some from sickness, accidents, bandits, and Indian uprisings. While on the journey the temperature was another factor causing discomfort, during the summer the days and nights were almost unbearably hot, and during the winter the cold was sometimes intolerable. Women washed clothing in streams alone the way while men hunted game for food. Still much of the time food and water were rationed to make the supplies last to their destination. Some arrived to find their newly settled land would not produce adequate food for their family, harvests were lost to drought or prices paid for their crops hardly covered the cost of planting. Many had to return to their original home while others moved to other areas. A few remained through the rough times and became very prosperous farmers, merchants and other professionals.

As roads and railroads made travel easier, our ancestors became more mobile and industrious. Cities in strategic locations attracted industry and skilled manpower which required schools and institutions of higher learning to emerge. Slowly living standards were improved. By the early 1900's our nation was emerging as a world leader. This was all done by the hard work of our ancestors and their ancestors.

We owe a great deal to our ancestors for paving a way of life for us that is much easier than what they had to endure. They not only provided for their immediate family, but also left for us things like land, homes and an opportunity to prepare a better life for future generations. Now it is up to each of us to secure a future for our children and generations to come. We must teach our children to be good citizens, to put God first in their lives, love their neighbor, honor their leaders and to give thanks to Almighty God for the abundant blessings He has so generously bestowed upon them.

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The Approaching Holocaust
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The Baby King
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