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Three Lights Archieve

Written By: Liz Donovan

Welcome to my Three Lights fanfiction. This is my only crossover thus far. I began it way back in 1996, when my favorite three televison series were: Ranma , Sailormoon, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR for short). I sort have out grown MMPR now that the entire cast hast changed, and you'll note my story is set back with the 2nd powers the rangers got (which were current at the beginning of me writting this story). Ranma and Sailormoon have no definate time setting yet, but we are assuming all three groups are about the same age (16).
This story also crosses over my favorite movie series in a very...unnoticable way. It's a fairly difficult piece to work on, especially in addition to all my other works, but I remembered I had the first 6 parts written, and I didn't want to see it go wasted.
Please enjoy this story. If you have comments, questions, flames, critique, anything, send them to: Thanks again for reading and everything! Enjoy!

The Incomplete Crossover:
Three Lights

Chapter Hyperlinks Chapter Title
Three Lights - Ami Mizuno Ami's Introduction
Three Lights - Kimberly Kimberly Hart's Introduction
Three Lights - Ryouga Hibiki Ryouga's Introduction
Three Lights: Chapter One Confusion
Three Lights: Chapter Two Beginning
Three Lights: Chapter Three Barrier

Last but not least, these drawings were all made in '96, when I was really new to anime style art. You can tell they seem more chibi looking than real anime. I hope to have some new images up in the near future.