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Other Authors Works

Hand Picked By: Liz Donovan

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This is my selection of Ranma fan fiction written by authors other than myself. I only put my personal favorites so they are all placed under my opinion of them alone. I hope you like them anyway.

Other Authors Works
Hand-Picked By Liz Donovan

Fanfiction Title & Author Fanfiction Description
Daigakusei no Ranma; multipule Ranma and Co. go to college. Excellently written, and very true to Takahashi-sama's ideas.
Ranma Z; Tony Chen Ranma & Co. merge with Dragonball Z in this very well thought up crossover.
Hearts of Ice; Krista Perry Akane gets taken by Snow Lady. I never finished it, but its in the top winning awards for '97.
Ryoga: Crossover; Mark Latus My fav. Ranma fic. Interdimentional Ryoga's crossing. Also sequels: Guyver Ryoga and Future Shock.
Inner Conflicts; Jason L. Langlois A 1st person show of Shampoo, and her struggle to love Ranma. 1-part piece.
Insomnia; Jason L. Langlois Ranma can't sleep and finds Akane is the only on who can give him what he needs. 1-part piece.
A Peaceful Life; Gary Kleppe The saddest Ranma fic. I've read. Glimpse in the future when Ranma's married...and a future I'm glad never happened.
Pools of Horror; Gary Kleppe The 2nd saddest Ranam fic I've read. Jusenkyou cursed victim's revert to their cursed forms; body & mind.