Description: The International Coleus Society has revised its orignal ICS Cultivar Files and added their own trial reports and cultivar registrations to produce the largest, most complete guide to Coleus cultivars ever published. More than 1500 different cultivars from 1852 to 2018 (including 2019 introductions) are covered in extreme detail with taxonomic quality descriptions, detailed histories, scans of nursery catalog references, identification tips, and screen-filling, high-resolution digital images up to 1250 pixels wide. This reference not only helps the reader find the best of the modern cultivars but also learn about scores of heirloom cultivars from American and European nurseries in past decades. The complete history of cultivar introduction is chronicled in detail and covers 200 American nursery introductions from the 19th century that are omitted from all other guides. Our original research has taken over ten years to complete. Assuming the role of cultivar registrar of Coleus for the world, this ICS reference written by the largest team of Coleus experts is authoritative and has been approved by two horticultural taxonomists.
Keywords: Coleus, Coleus blumei, Solenostemon, Plectranthus, cultivars, taxonomy, nursery catalogs, descriptions, plant images, garden history, shade plants, tropical plants, multicolored plants, foliage plants
Editor: Laurence C. Hatch, General Editor, Chairman of the Board, International Coleus Society
Publication Date: August 9, 2018
Format: PDF 8 x 16 inch pages (ebook)
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Volumes: 2 volumes as separate PDF files
Size: 95 megabytes
Page Count: 627
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