For many years, HIP or Hatch's Interior Plants was a paid subscription reference priced at $85.00 per user. It was successful but not commonly known, the the sort of thing horticultural libraries and interior plant experts knew about; and not too many other folks. Known for having more cultivars of interior plants than any reference as well as all the new cultivars, HIP is now 100% free of charge with our new business model of supporting the research through paid ads and Patreon supporters. The web is full of house plant references but this one is different. Besides more cultivars and new cultivars, HIP is written by a leading, graduate-trained horticultural taxonomist and a trained team at to assure accuracy, precision of description, and great identification tips. You'll find our images to be larger, more detailed, and clearer than most references with our new standard of 1250 pixels in width. Our descriptions are more detailed and whenever possible we cover the histories and origins of new cultivars. Yes, yes, we are the nerds who read those plant patent and PBR applications. Many of the foliage and interior plant originators work with us to get the word out on their new plants. And where else are you going to find data on 1600 different Coleus cultivars!

We dedicate the HIP project to the truly great grower, collector, lover, and author of indoor plants, the German-American botanist Alfred Byrd Graf whose discovery of 100 new plants and stunning, world-changing books Exotica, Tropica, and the Exotic Plant Manual changed all our lives. What other horticulturist in modern times have produced a book of 2600 pages and 16,000 images. He brought amazing, pristine, and necessary clarity to the world of tropical, house plant, and other interior plant cultivars with his thousands of images and very detailed, insightful descriptions. He stabilized nomenclature and always consulted experts in genera around the world as we do here. We wish he were still writing interior plant books with all the new cultivars and in his spirit this project is warmly presented. Please take a minute to read about his life and work:

Best of all, HIP is not only on the web but you can download the PDF files for free to put them on your phone, tablet, laptop, or ebook reader. It goes everywhere you need this kind of reference - in the garden, greenhouse, classroom, client's site, vehicle, and home.

Just click on the genera names below and a PDF will load on your screen.

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Acalypha - Brugmansia REVISED 9.12.2020 98 pages
NEW FILE 9.26.2020 moved from Hatch's Perennials
More than 630 names and synonyms of cultivars, the very most complete cultivar study we've ever done and lots of very wide, high resolution images, full of source links and history of cultivars too. There is more to do and we're working on adding even more cultivars as they appear. For even more images we highly recommend Tony Avent's PDN insanely wonderful Agave galleries (three of them) here:
82 pages
Caladium and Calathea31 pages
Calliandra - Cyclopogon 69 pages
Coleus (International Register)
now more than 1600 different cultivars, including those from 1859 to present times. Through the aid of the the International Coleus Society, this authoritative register is far more complete than any Coleus book and is an "all in" approach that puts all we know about individual cultivars in one place; images, descriptions, nursery catalog scans, histories, cultivar trial reports, and identification tips.
400+ pages
Darlingtonia - Exceocaria  REVISED 9.19.2020
Now 33 cultivars of Epipremnum, not including synonyms
75 pages
Euphorbia pulcherrima (Poinsettia)44 pages
Ficus - Guzmania 16 pages
Haemaria - Ixora 42 pages
See list below under OROC below for a list of 26 newly registered ivies. Most were originally published in our woody plant registers available free at and many include very large, detailed color images.To learn about the latest cultivars with huge images start with the file here: orocwoodyhm.pdf
236 pages
external files
Hippeastrum33 pages
Jatropa - Myrtillocactus 65 pages
Nematanthus - Oxalis 196 pages
Pachira - Pteris REVISED/SPLIT FILE 8.29.2020
loads of new Peperomia, Pilea, Plectranthus and more
158 pages
Pelargonium including scented taxa NEW FILE 8.23.202068 pages
Radermachera - Spathoglottis 26 pages
Saintpaulia 40 pages
Syngonium 22 pages
Theobroma - Zingiber  REVISED 9.20.2020
Now with 11 distinct Zamioculcas cultivars, including images and their patent data
38 pages
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How to get more out of HIP: 
  1. Learn the data field (character state) abbreviations found here. Some are obvious like ht=height, ha=habit, lc=leaf color, but we use more than 140 to describe plants in detail
  2. Get the best PDF browsers for each device. The best phone or tablet browers may not be the best for a laptop or 45 inch screen.
  3. Use your PDF browers + and - magnification buttons, especially with a small screen device to blow up the picture. Most of our images can be expanded up to 300% because of the quality cameras used. You will get more detail on each leaf, flower, hair, or markings this way.
  4. Share, Share. Share. Write us and if you can submit a new plant, image, observation, and such.
How to submit a new plant: email us with as full a description as possible, measure leaves or flowers and height if possible, comparisons to other species or cultivars, details of origin, and if possible a link or two where it is sold or further info (cultivar introduction, article, orignator's page). If you own the copyright of a JPG image and wish to donate it to this project in the public interest we thank you and your contribution will be acknowledged. Your submission will be submitted to a trained Cultivar Registrar with the Open Registration Of Cultivars (OROC) program and acknowledged. You must put "OROC" or "new cultivar" in the subject line to assure prompt consideration.

OROC list of excluded genera (these are registered by other organizations and societies in the ISHS/ICRA system). We do not accept cultivar registrations in the following genera. However, we will eagerly add these plants to the encyclopedia as general entries minus cultivar registratin: Aroids (all), Begonia, Gesneriads (including Saintpaulia),Australian natives, Fuchsia, Clivia, Epiphyllum, Pelargonium, Passiflora, Hibiscus, and Plumeria.
Want other plant groups like this? our woody plant and hardy perennials projects are actually older and even more mature than HIP and are available by visiting Hatch's Cultivars of Woody Plants is used by the majority of woody plant experts worldwide and covers over 6500 PDF pages while Hatch's Perennials is over 3000 page, all with loads of high-resolution, digital images to 1250 pixels ride, detailed descriptions, source links, histories, literature citations, and more.

In conjunction with our OROC project which also registers woody plant and herbaceous perennials, we are pleased to list the following tropical, interior, and house plant cultivars recently catalogued by the experts. If you're are rare plant collector this is a very nice list to dream with. Your new cultivar when accepted and verified will appear both here and in our encyclopedia files above.

OROC was created in 2014 by a group of concerned plant experts, taxonomists, growers, breeders, scholars, collectors, and design professionals that the current international cultivar registration system had failed. The Plant Patent and Plant Breeders Rights database work to some extent but exclude thousands of unique, rare, and less commercially available cultivars. Less than 2% of new woody plants, 5% of herbaceous perennials, and even fewer ornamental interior plants (except bromeliads, gesneriads and aroids) were being clarified, documented, and evaluated for their distinctiveness, nomenclature, origins, and identification. OROC has produced several Registers over the last few years, all 100% free of charge. More than 102,000 views and downloads of these Registers confirms the value and need for this kind of cultivar level documentation.

PEPE001 - Peperomia albovittata 'Piccolo Banda'.
PEPE002 - Peperomia 'Peppermill'
PEPE003 - Peperomia albovittata 'Rana Verde'
PEPE004 - Peperomia angulata 'Rocca Schura'
PEPE005- Peperomia angulata 'Rocca Verde'
PEPE006 - Peperomia argyreia 'Diamond Nebula'
PEPE007 - Peperomia argyreia 'Harmony's Gold Dust Woman'
PEPE008 - Peperomia caperata 'Alricos Ripple'
PEPE009 - Peperomia (caperata x 'Eden Rosso') 'Brasilia'
PEPE010 - Peperomia caperata 'Harmony's Midnight Wave'
PEPE011 - Peperomia (caperata x 'Eden Rossa') 'Mendoza'
PEPE012 - Peperomia caperata 'Steve's Leaves Chameleon'
HEDE001 - Hedera helix 'Nilita'
HEDE002 - Hedera helix 'Yarik'
HEDE003 - Hedera helix 'Papa Yena'
HEDE004 - Hedera helix 'Eny'
HEDE005 - Hedera helix 'Sasha'
HEDE006 - Hedera helix ‘Tattoo Ripple’
HEDE007 - Hedera helix ’Minisonja’
HEDE008 - Hedera maroccana ‘Neon’ (popularly H. algeriensis)
HEDE009 - Hedera helix 'Andreas' 
HEDE010 - Hedera helix 'Konstanin Eftov'
HEDE011 - Hedera helix 'Laurence'
HEDE012 - Hedera helix 'Darth Vader'
HEDE013 - Hedera helix 'Petrovich'
HEDE014 - Hedera helix 'Bizar'.
HEDE015 - Hedera maroccana 'Nabar-Nabar'
HEDE016 - Hedera maroccana 'Ederalai'
HEDE017 - Hedera helix 'Frisé'
HEDE018 - Hedera helix 'Troll Pananché'
HEDE019 - Hedera helix 'Irina'
HEDE020 - Hedera helix 'Hulk'
HEDE021 - Hedera helix [Green Ripple Group] 'Cary Green'
HEDE022 - Hedera helix 'Jake'  
HEDE023 - Hedera helix [Birdsfoot Group] 'Courage'
HEDE024 - Hedera helix 'Sally'
HEDE025 - Hedera helix 'Seabreeze'
HEDE026 - Hedera helix 'Ballet'
SENE001 - Senecio articulatus 'Candlelight'
PILE001 - Pilea cadierei 'Cream Theme'
PILE002 - Pilea (aff. hitchcockii)  'Dark Mystery'
PILE003 - Pilea libanensis 'Silver Sprinkles'
PLEC001 -  Plectranthus ciliatus 'Easy Gold' ('Lemon', 'Lemon Gold')
PLEC002 - Plectranthus ciliatus 'Troy's Gold' ('Lemon Lime', 'Limelight')
PORTUL001 - Portulacaria afra 'Golden Moments'
PORTUL001 - Portulacaria afra 'Lilliput'
ASPL001 - Asplenium nidus 'Hurricane'
SANS001 - Sansevieria trifasciata 'Night Owl'
KALA001 - Kalanchoe (longiflora or sexangularis?) 'Fire Rainbow'
AEON001 - Aeonium castello-paivae 'Suncup'
ACAL001 - Acalypha wilkesiana 'Ceylon Lime'
AEON001 - Aeonium decorum 'Triple Crest'
CALL001 - Callisia repens 'Honey Cream'