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Hazel's Cool Sites

Oh, btw, anything with a '###' in front of it has not been updated in so long that it might actually be abandoned, but if I took off the link I'd get in trouble. If your site is '###'ed, and it's NOT abandoned, please tell me so I can fix it.


* The Jedi Society -for the true Star Wars fanatic (CAUTION: falling debris! The JS is a little messed up, thru no fault of Gemi's) THIS LINK IS CURRENTLY BUSTED. WHEN I FIND OUT HOW THAT HAPPENED, I'LL TELL Y'ALL AND FIX IT.

###*Chris's Monty Python Page -actually I think it's just his private venting grounds, but whatever.

###*Sibuna's Hang Page -still under construction, but it will be more like mine when it's done.

*Laugh Co. -a hilarious, recently revived and relocated page created by Jon and a friend. Highly reccommended!

* Gemi's Well- Manicured Man Fan Page- exactly what it sounds like. WMM is Gemi's fave X- Files character. Kool site!

*Dave's List of Words That Are Fun to Say- exactly what it sounds like. Spiffy stuff! Also check out the Society to End The Abuse Of Oxygen, at the 'pages maintained by Dave' list @ bottom of page.

*Libby's House of Laughs -a very kewl site, extremely funny. If you go, make sure you look at "drunk or stoned? click here".


*Detroit Red Wings Official Page- Love the Wings? Get game schedules, download game clips, etc. etc. etc.

*International Lyrics Server -Ever wonder what the Barenaked Ladies are actually saying, or how the chorus to that Blues Traveler song goes? Get the words 2 all your favorite songs here.

*The Love Calculator -if you like horoscopes, etc. then you'll love this page, or at very least you'll be like me and find it mildly amusing at times...

*LOST AND FOUND'S HOMEPAGE -my fave Christian group. Check it out!
(Michael and Baum- we love you!)

*Furby Autopsy -Yes, you read it right. This is probabley the koolest thing I have ever found on the web. Also check out Octopus Motor, a kool zine, and both of their main page, Very kool!

If you want to see your page(s) on this list, send me the addrress at or, and I'll check it out and link you if your page isn't rated R.

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