HBB Presents: The Truman Show

The Truman Show: Rated PG
I loved this movie! Jim Carrey was very good, and this role was better suited to him, i think, then some of the comedies he's done. The plot: Christof, a director, has this idea to put a baby on tv, and then monitor their every waking moment on television until the day they die. He randomly picks a newborn, and then begins by filming the birth. The child's name is Truman Burbank. Truman is a happy, 'normal' child. He can never know about how his life is monitored, so they create this gigantic dome and put him in it, and create this whole town. To keep him on the island town, they have his 'father' (his whole family and everyone in the town are actors) 'drown' in a boating accident. This makes Truman afraid of the water. Eventually Truman grows up, meets a girl named Meryl, gets married. He begins to think something funny's going on, so he investigates....Sorry, I'm not giving away the ending on this one. You'll have to rent it and find out.

Hazel's Rating:
* * * * *
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