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Fifth Generation of Davidsons

(The Children of Andrew Davidson)

Taken as an excerpt from a letter compiled by Robert Kenneth Davidson in 1933.


(Andrew Davidson) 

  ANDREW DAVIDSON apparently the first of the boys to leave home.  In 1844 when 
he was 18, he came west, settling near Fort Madison in Lee County, Iowa, where he 
married ALMIRA FERREL in 1848.  December 12, 1855 he bought a farm in Poweshiek 
County .  Five or six years later he traded this farm for a quarter section in 
Scott Township, same county, which was about twelve miles southwest of Brooklyn.  
After his wife's death in 1885, Andrew moved to Palo Alto County, Iowa, where he 
stayed several years; then went to North Dakota with his son, Wesley, where he died
82 years of age.  He is buried at Doyer, North Dakota; his wife at Brooklyn, Iowa.

     Andrew Davidson had five children: 

	CURTIS, the youngest, died a baby; 

	JOHN P. moved to northwest Iowa in the late 1880's, farmed in Palo Alto 
                County for many years, and is now the oldest living member of the 

	WESLEY came to northwest Iowa a little earlier than his brother, was 
               sheriff of and died in Melta, Manitoba about a year ago, when he was
               80.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jennie Davidson, and four 

	WILLIAM H. farmed in Poweshiek County near Guernsey for many years, then 
                   lived in the town of Grinnell until his death some years ago; 
                   his widow, Mrs. Margaret Davidson survived him until January,  
                   1933, and five of his nine children are still living; and Mary 
                   Ann, who married GEORGE GORDON and lived in Omaha, Nebraska,  
                   until her death a few years ago.  She is survived by one 

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