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Most of the dates and much of the information as to the very old family
were collected years ago by Fred Davidson, who has been very generous about
sharing it with the other members of the family.  Without his assistance
this record would have been impossible.  I also want to thank all the
members of the family who have assisted me in collecting dates and other
facts-many of whom have been put to a great deal of trouble.

Sarah Davidson lived the longest of the children of Andrew Davidson and
indirectly much of what is here written comes from her through one channel
or another.  Many of the cousins begin their letters, "I remember Aunt
Sarah telling me*".  And Fred Davidson wrote, "She could remember a vast
amount of family lore and dates if given time to think them up".  Jane
Irwin also passed on many of the family stories.  It is thought the Irwins
and I learned that Andrew Davidson's mother was named Mary Dunlap, and they
had it from her.  Squire john Davidson is said to have known more of the
family history than anyone else, but he never set it down, and many of the
stories that were familiar to him are probably lost forever.
Doubtless I have omitted many things which I should not have **** mistakes
in what I have written. I shall be ****
-- believed to have been written by Robert Kenneth Davidson (1906-1945)

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