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Descendants of Andrew Davidson and Almira Ferrel

This information is taken from excerpts from a letter compiled by Robert Kenneth Davidson in 1933.

Descendants of Andrew Davidson and Almira Ferrel

1. Andrew Davidson b. 15-Feb-1826, Wampum, Beaver Co, PA, m. 4-May-1848, in nr Ft. Madison, Lee Co, IA, Almira Ferrel, b. 1830, d.
29-Jan-1885, Scott Twp, Poweshiek Co, IA, buried: Brooklyn, IA.  Andrew died 23-Feb-1908, North Dakota, buried: 1908, Doyen, North
    2.     i John P. Davidson b. 27-Nov-1849.
    3.    ii Wesley Davidson b. 19-Aug-1851.
    4.   iii William Henry Davidson b. 1-Aug-1853.
    5.    iv Mary Ann Davidson b. 12-Jul-1855.
           v Curtis Davidson b. abt 1858, d. abt 1859.

Second Generation        

2. John P. Davidson b. 27-Nov-1849, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. 29-Sep-1875, in Iowa?, Ursula Francisco, b. 22-Aug-1856, Iowa?, d.
18-Jan-1922, Iowa?.  John died 19__, Palo Alto Co, IA.
           i Ethel Davidson b. 13-Aug-1876, Iowa, m. 29-Sep-1922, John Gilles, b. 18__, d. 19__, Buffalo Center, IA.  Ethel died
             19__, Buffalo Center, IA.
          ii Delbert J. Davidson b. 12-May-1878, Iowa?, d. 19__.
    6.   iii Edith Maud Davidson b. 24-Nov-1879.
          iv Charles Eugene Davidson b. 2-May-1884, Iowa?, d. 19__, Iowa?.
           v Wesley Otto Davidson b. 12-Dec-1885, Iowa?, d. 6-Sep-1886, Iowa?.
    7.    vi Raymond Authur Davidson b. 10-Nov-1887.
    8.   vii Harold Clare Davidson b. 12-Aug-1894.

3. Wesley Davidson b. 19-Aug-1851, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. (1) 24-Mar-1875, Luella Jane Gerard, b. 6-Apr-1855, d. 19__, Melita,
Manitoba?, m. (2) Jennie, d. aft 1933, Melita, Manitoba?.  Wesley died 27-Dec-1931, Melita, Manitoba.
    9.     i Katie Almira Davidson b. 24-May-1876.
          ii Curtis C. Davidson b. 24-Jun-1881, d. 9-Dec-1882.
   10.   iii Lewis Wesley Davidson b. 26-Jul-1884.
   11.    iv Roy Edwin Davidson b. 22-Aug-1887.
   12.     v Harry Allen Davidson b. 22-Jun-1891.

4. William Henry Davidson b. 1-Aug-1853, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. 10-Apr-1884, Margaret M. McKinnie, b. 18-Oct-1856, d. 20-Jan-1933,
Grinnell, IA.  William died 16-Sep-1916, Grinnell, IA.
   13.     i Lillie Alberta Davidson b. 16-Mar-1885.
   14.    ii Mary Althea Davidson b. 13-May-1886.
         iii Mabel Estella Davidson b. 23-Jul-1887, Lawrence Co, PA, m. 19-Jan-1907, Fay L. Matteson.  Mabel died 19__.
          iv Edna Eliza Davidson b. 28-Oct-1888, Poweshiek Co, IA, d. 3-Apr-1889.
           v William Given Davidson b. 11-Jun-1890, Poweshiek Co, IA, d. 12-Jan-1891.
   15.    vi Alice Irene Davidson b. 6-Jul-1892.
         vii Anna Dale Davidson b. 20-Dec-1894, Poweshiek Co, IA, d. 6-Oct-1897, Poweshiek Co, IA.
        viii Horace Mann Davidson b. 12-Mar-1896, Poweshiek Co, IA, d. 27-Aug-1929.
          ix Bessie Rebecca Davidson b. 21-Nov-1897, m. 29-Nov-1928, David R. Bolander.

5. Mary Ann Davidson b. 12-Jul-1855, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. 13-Sep-1876, George Gordon, b. 10-Jun-1849, d. 17-Jul-1914, Omaha, NE.
Mary died 19-Feb-1927, Omaha, NE.
           i Harry Wilson Gordon b. 22-May-1877, d. 26-Jun-1890.
   16.    ii Mabel Clare Gordon b. 12-Feb-1879.

Third Generation        

6. Edith Maud Davidson b. 24-Nov-1879, Iowa?, m. 3-Aug-1899, John Miller, b. 18__, d. 19__.  Edith died 19__, Augusta, Wis?.
           i Carol Miller b. 9-May-1902, Iowa?, d. 1-Dec-1929, Iowa?.
   17.    ii Merrill Dean Miller b. 27-May-1912.

7. Raymond Authur Davidson b. 10-Nov-1887, Iowa, m. 12-Jan-1910, Elsie Beatrice McClelland, b. 18__, d. 19__, Cylinder, Iowa?.
Raymond died 19__, Cylinder, Iowa?.
           i Merle Eugene Davidson b. 8-Jan-1911, Iowa.
          ii Estella Ursula Davidson b. 26-Oct-1915, Iowa.

8. Harold Clare Davidson b. 12-Aug-1894, Iowa?, m. 21-Mar-1918, Mary Bean, d. 19__, Englewood, Colo?.  Harold died 19__, Englewood,
           i Myrna Adelle Davidson b. 17-Feb-1919.
          ii Dorothy Rosalie Davidson b. 26-Mar-1921.
         iii John Clair Davidson b. 17-Apr-1928.

9. Katie Almira Davidson b. 24-May-1876, m. 3-Feb-1895, Justus Francis Durant, b. 18__, d. 19__.  Katie died 19__, Holly, Colo?.
           i Glenn Wesley Durant b. 24-Jul-1896, m. 27-Jun-1926, Hellen Roberson, d. 19__, Holly, Colo?.  Glenn died 19__, Holly,
   18.    ii Luella A. Durant b. 24-Jul-1898.
   19.   iii Pearl Leone Durant b. 3-Jul-1900.
   20.    iv Katie Violet Durant b. 19-Aug-1903.
           v William Francis Durant b. 11-Dec-1905.
   21.    vi Lewis Elmer Durant b. 25-Sep-1908.
         vii Lawrence Leroy Durant b. 15-Aug-1910.
        viii Florance Harriet Durant b. 15-Aug-1910.
          ix Robert Gerard Durant b. 4-May-1912.

10. Lewis Wesley Davidson b. 26-Jul-1884, m. 16-Jul-1918, Ruby Theresa Farrell, b. 18__, d. 16-Jul-1918, Melita, Manitoba.  Lewis
died 19__, Melita, Manitoba?.
           i May Millicent Davidson b. 4-May-1907, m. 12-Aug-1931, Robert Borden Dobbyn.
          ii Kenneth Allen Davidson b. 6-Jun-1910.
         iii Raymond Wesley Davidson b. 16-Oct-1913.

11. Roy Edwin Davidson b. 22-Aug-1887, m. 24-Dec-1908, Marie Edwardson, b. 18-Apr-1885.  Roy died 19__, Lakota, ND.
           i Raymond Edward Davidson b. 9-Feb-1910, d. 17-Mar-1910.
          ii Clinton Garland Davidson b. 25-Apr-1911.
         iii Wesley Lyan Davidson b. 19-Jan-1913.
          iv Ruth Pauline Davidson b. 1-Nov-1914, m. 9-Aug-1932, Erwin Ellis.
           v Grace Jeannette Davidson b. 19-Jan-1917, m. 19__, _ Schroeder, b. 19__.
          vi John Edwin Davidson b. 12-Nov-1918.
         vii Agnes Marie Davidson b. 23-Dec-1920, m. 19__, _ Snyder, b. 19_-.
        viii Dora May Davidson b. 25-May-1923, m. 19__, _ Jolly, b. 191_.

12. Harry Allen Davidson b. 22-Jun-1891, m. 9-Dec-1915, Lena Telenga, b. 19-Jun-1897.

           i Cleo Isabelle Davidson b. 3-Jan-1917.
          ii Vera Ilene Davidson b. 11-Sep-1918.
         iii Harry Allen Davidson b. 28-Aug-1925.
          iv Ross Curtis Davidson b. 23-Feb-1928.

13. Lillie Alberta Davidson b. 16-Mar-1885, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. 20-Sep-1905, Roscoe C. Hutson.  Lillie died 19__.
           i Margaret Elva Hutson b. 19-Feb-1908.
          ii Lawrence Roscoe Hutson b. 7-Sep-1910.
         iii Ruth Elizabeth Hutson b. 11-Dec-1916.

14. Mary Althea Davidson b. 13-May-1886, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. 20-Oct-1907, Theodore H. Risse, b. 18__, Iowa?, d. 19__, Iowa.  Mary
died 19__, Iowa.
           i Delmar Willard Risse b. 26-Mar-1909.
   22.    ii Mable Marie Risse b. 3-Feb-1912.
         iii Walter Myron Risse b. 7-Jul-1915, Grinnell, Iowa?.
          iv Theodore Horace Risse b. 26-Jan-1919, Grinnell, Iowa?.
           v Richard Arther Risse b. 26-Jun-1927, Grinnell, Iowa?.

15. Alice Irene Davidson b. 6-Jul-1892, Poweshiek Co, IA, m. 31-Dec-1919, Norman A. Rasch.  Alice died 19__.
           i Norman A. Rasch, Jr. b. 1-Jan-1920.
          ii Horace Edward Rasch b. 18-Dec-1921.
         iii Irene M. Rasch b. 27-May-1923.

16. Mabel Clare Gordon b. 12-Feb-1879, m. (1) 15-Jun-1904, David MacLeod, b. 18__, d. 17-Nov-1915, m. (2) 26-Nov-1922, E. J. S.
           i Edger Birge Macleod b. 14-Apr-1905.
          ii Robert Duncan MacLeod b. 9-Apr-1907, d. 13-Mar-1918.
         iii Donald Radbourne MacLeod b. 17-Feb-1910, d. 27-Jan-1911.
          iv Dean James Moore b. 6-Apr-1926.

Fourth Generation        

17. Merrill Dean Miller b. 27-May-1912, Iowa?, m. 28-Aug-1931, Dorothy Harden, b. 19__.
           i A. Dean Harden Miller b. 17-Jun-1932.

18. Luella A. Durant b. 24-Jul-1898, m. 20-Jun-1916, Peter L. Dyrness.
           i Edith Katherine Dyrness b. 27-Nov-1916.
          ii Palmer Lawrence Dyrness b. 2-Apr-1918.
         iii Opal Leone Dyrness b. 12-Oct-1919.
          iv Gilbert Owen Dyrness b. 9-Apr-1922.
           v Earl Richard Dyrness b. 27-Jul-1931.

19. Pearl Leone Durant b. 3-Jul-1900, m. 28-Dec-1920, John Elmer Moe.
           i Leona Rosalind Moe b. 28-Sep-1921.
          ii Kathern Louise Moe b. 6-Dec-1922.
         iii Marion Arline Moe b. 6-Mar-1924.

          iv Elma Pearl Moe b. 24-Sep-1925.

20. Katie Violet Durant b. 19-Aug-1903, m. 6-Oct-1920, Kurt Carl Wendt.
           i Helen Marie Wendt b. 7-Apr-1922.
          ii Carl Wesley Wendt b. 20-Jan-1924.
         iii Luella Violet Wendt b. 24-May-1926.

21. Lewis Elmer Durant b. 25-Sep-1908, m. 29-Aug-1929, Margaret Anna Kippes.
           i Glenn Lewis Durant b. 25-Jun-1930.

22. Mable Marie Risse b. 3-Feb-1912, m. 5-Jul-1931, Walter L. Adkins.
           i Donald Gene Adkins b. 24-Oct-1932.

REMARKS:  no one seems to have the exact date of the birth of Almira Farrel.  There is also 
a conflict in the spelling of her last name.  i have adopted what seems to be the majority view, 
also the more common way of spelling the name.  But I should say that on the sheets returned by 
Mrs. Gilles and Mrs. Moore they have carefully indicated that it is "Ferrel."

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