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Used by permission from the records of Cynthia Hill.



Hill, Joseph,  m. Mary _____.  They were living in Bethlehem, Hunterdon 
County, NJ. in 1769. It is believed that Joseph had a brother William 
Hill who resided in Franklin, Fayette County, PA in the census of 1790
and 1800.  It is recorded that his son Peter was a cousin to Joseph's 
son Jonathan.
1. Samuel,  bp. 9 Apr 1769 Bethlehem, NJ
2. Mary, bp. 9 Apr 1769, Bethlehem, NJ.
3. Elizabeth, bp. 9 Apr 1769, Bethlehem, NJ.
4. Jonathan,  bp. 9 Apr 1769, Bethlehem, NJ. m. Ruth Maple
5. Nathaniel,  b, ca 1779, d. 1849, m. Mary _____ 1776-1838  
Ref: Vicki Galloway
       A blockade near Hillstown, Ill., was named for him.
Ref:  LDS Genealogical Library

Vol. II Edition of the St. Clair Co., History Book
By. Catherine Hill
505 W 5th St.
Jonhston City, IL 62951-1106

     "Tradition is that our immigrant HILL ancestor and family came to 
America shortly after the first pilgrims from Holland.  They were of 
English descent, having left England during the religious troubles to
raise their families in Holland where they had religious freedom.  At
the execution of Johan (John) Van Oldenbarneveldt the Advocate of 
Holland and Zeeland, on 13 May 1619, religious freedom was sharply
curtailed and we would suspect that like the pilgrims, who came to 
America in 1620, the HILL Family came to the New World so as to practice 
their religion freely.  When the HILLs fled from England previously, 
they took with them to Holland the Family Bible which had in it their
family records.  In crossing the channel the Bible fell into the water
and all records were washed away.  This Bible was, many years ago, known 
to be still in the hands of a HILL descendant born in St. Clair Co., but 
who was living in Southern Missouri where she was a school teacher.  We 
do know her name, but I have been unable to locate the name in our 
mountains of genealogical material.  We don't know what has become of
the Bible.  Ella HILL, daughter of Samuel Arthur HILL and Nancy 
Elizabeth Eubanks, insisted that the name of our immigrant ancestor was 
Peter HILL.  This we have not been able to prove as yet.  There were 
many, many HILLs in America during Colonial Times."

Jonathan HILL, (2) (Joseph), bp. 9 Apr 1769, Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., 
New Jersey. d.aft. 1805.  He married Ruth Maple, dau. of  ?David Maple, b 13 Sept 
1772, ?Erie, PA d. 6 Dec 1825 53yrs 2mos 23d  at Turkey Hill, IL, 
Bur.Shaw Cem., Shiloh Twp., St. Claire Co. IL. In early manhood Jonathan 
moved to Erie Co., PA. where he spent his remaining years.  The 1800 
census of Crawford Co. PA., lists a Jonathan Hill 20010-20100.  Jonathan 
died sometime after 1805.  Ruth and family moved to Illinois with 
Jonathan's cousin Peter Hill and his family and arrived in the Richmond 
Precinct, St. Clair Co. in 1809. They settled in Turkey Hill, St. Clair 
Co, Illinois. When Jonathan died he left six children for his wife to 
educate and support . A daughter while living in Erie Co. PA. at about
the age of three years was carried off by a panther and partially 
devoured.  A very extended search was made at the time by the entire 
neighborhood, but they failed to find the missing child.  A distant 
neighbor dreamed of the occurrence, and also of the place where the 
remains were, and on a second search being made, the remains were found 
under a fallen tree top. 

Children born in PA:

	1. William, b. 1792, d. 1859 Freeburg, ILL, m. Sarah Rittenhouse, b, 
	2. David, b. 10 March 1794, d. 6 Aug. 1881, Illinois, m. Isabella 
	3.d. Sarah, b. 1797, d. 1865, bur. Prarie du Long Twp, IL, m. Thomas J. 
Wright, b. 1797-1864
	4. dau., b. ca 1799, d. ca 1802
	5. Mary (Polly), b. 1801, m. Mark John Wood, b. 1797
        6. Jonathan, b. 1 Oct 1803, d. 1840, m. Elizabeth Ellsworth, 
b. 1804
	7. Henry, b. 1805, d. 1870, m. Sarah (Ellsworth?) Lamastress, b. 1809, 
d. 1841

Ref: "History of St. Clair County, Ill. 1686-1881 (Indiana University) 
Biographical Sketches of some of its prominent men and Pioneers by 
Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, PA."
LDS Genealogical Library
Catherine Hill
Vicki  Galloway
Heath Vogel

Gen 3

David Hill (Jonathan, Joseph), was b. 10 March 1794, Erie Co. PA, d. 6 
Aug 1881, Belleville, St. Clair Co. IL., bur. at Prairie du Long Twp, 
St. Clair Co., IL.  He m. Isabella Burnett, dau. of Zachariah Burnett, 
who came to Illinois from Wayne Co.,, KY.  She was b. 27 Apr 1801, d. 6 
Jan 1880, bur. in Prairie du Long Twp. St. Clair Co., IL.  Isabella was
15 when she got married.  Probably m. in 1816.
16 children, probably five died young:
	1. Ruth, b. 1817, d. 1837, m. Ed Terrill, b. 1813
	2. Henry B., b. 1819, d. 1879, m. Sarah Ellsworth, 1822-1881. 6 
	3. Jonathan, b. 1822, d. Feb 1890, Springfield, MO, m. Mary J. Shaw, b. 
	4. David A., b. 1825, d. 1847 in Mexican War.  He m. Charity B. _____ 
	5. Crawford A., b. 1827, d. ? m. Phebe J. Whitechurch, b. 1826.  He was 
in the Civil War.  They resided in Cape Girardeau, MO.
	6. Josiah P., b. 12 May 1828, Prairie du Long Twp, IL, d. 1910, m. Jane 
Smith.   m. (2) Martha Livers
	7. Peter C., b. 1830, m. Elizabeth Tate,  Res. Benton, IL.  There was a 
Peter Cartwright Hill who owned the Livery in Freeburg.
	8. Jane Ann, b. 1836, m. Charles Wilderman, b. 1832
	9. Mary Angeline, b. 1837, m. Oliver Charles, b. 1837.  Res. MO   
        10. Isabella, b. 1839, d. 1857 age 18, m. George Wilderman
        11. John W. b. 1845, d. 1862, ae. 16yrs.

History of St. Clair County, IL. 1686-1881(Indiana University} 
Biographical Sketches of some of its prominent men and Poineers by 
Brink, McDonough & Co. Philadelphis, PA.
"David Hill married Isabella, daughter of Zachariah Burnett, who came to 
Ill. from Wayne County, KY. The first employment of Mr. Hill was that of 
pulling blades of corn in the field which was afterward the site of the 
present public square of Belleville. He served one and one-half years in 
the War of 1812, as a member of Jacob Short's company, which was under 
Gov. Edwards' command.  Although he had no school advantages in early 
life, he was studious and observing, and obtained a practical knowledge 
that served him to good purpose.  He was a local Methodist preacher and 
often appeared before his audiences in his bare feet.  A natural orator 
and a well-informed man, he was considered an able expounder of the 
Gospel and an interesting preacher.  He was a good, conscientious man, 
and much respected by all who knew him.  He died August 6, 1881, mourned 
throughout the comunity where he so long resided."  There was also a 
listing of their children.

Other References:
Vicki Galloway

gen 4

HILL, Josiah P. (David, Jonathan, Joseph), b. 12 May 1828, Prairie du 
Long Twp. (Freeburg), St. Clair Co. IL, d. 20 Jan 1910.  He m. Jane 
Smith, 28 Apr 1849, St. Clair Co. IL  She was b. 6 Oct 1831, d. 11/22 
Dec 1878.  The dau. of Nathaniel and Marinda (Carr)Smith.  
Josiah m. (2) Martha Livers, 16 Jan 1881, b. near Harrisonville, 
Monroe Co., IL, dau. of Joseph Livers, native of PA. 
	1. Nathaniel Smith, b. 1851, d. 1924.  He was a telegraph operator at 
Pontiac, IL.
	2. Rebecca, b. 1853, d. 1853
	3. Robert Milton, b. 8 Sept 1854, Belleville, IL, d. 11 Jan 1924.  He 
m. Lydia G. Carr
	4. John P. 1857.  He managed an elevator for the Crown Milling Co. at 
	5. Walter M., b. 1859.  Clerk in a store in Webster, MO.
	6. Clara A., b. 1862, d. 1886, m. J. P. Holcomb 1885.  They had 1 son.
	7. Mary Jane, b. 1865, m. J. H. Jones,  Res. in Pontiac, IL.

Ref:  "History of St. Clair Co., IL. 1686-1881 (Indiana Universary)  
Biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and Pioneers, by 
Brink, McDonough & Co. Philadelphia, PA."
Josiah P. Hill
Emerson says "All history is only biography," and we find this 
especially exemplified in the community of which Josiah P. Hill resides. 
 Its history is only the biography of the lives of a few men, chief 
among whom is our subject, who resides on section 2, Prairie du Long 
Township.  He was here born May 12, 1828, on the farm which his father 
entered from the Government, and he holds a patent for land signed by 
four of the Presidents of the United States.

In this county Mr. Hill recieved his education in a log schoolhouse, 
common to the early days.  Hard-working and industrious,  it was not his 
privilege to enjoy the sports to which the boys of the present 
generation are accustomed.  When ready to establish a home of his own, 
he was united in marriage with Miss Jane, daughter of Nathaniel Smith, 
who came to St. Clair county as early as 1810.  Unto Mr. and Mrs. Hill 
have been born seven children, one of whom died in infancy.  Nathaniel 
S. is a telegraph operator at Pontiac, Ill.; Robert M. lives at 
Wellington, Kan.; John manages an elevator for the Crown Milling Company 
at Freeburg; Walter M. clerks in a store at Webster, Mo.;Mary Jane, is 
the wife of J.H. Jones and lives in Pontiac; and Clara A., who married 
J. P. Holcomb, died a year after marriage, leaving one son.  The mother 
of these children died December 22, 1878.

The pleasant home of Mr. Hill is presided over by his cultered wife, who 
bore the maiden name of Martha Livers, and became his wife January 16, 
1881.  She was born in Monroe County, near Harrisonville, Ill, and was 
the daughter of Joseph Livers, a native of Pennsylvania, who came to 
Monroe County when a boy.  By trade he was a blscksmith, and followed 
farming in connection therewith.  He was the father of five children, of 
whom Mrs. Hill was the first-born.  During the early Indian Wars he 
served in defense of the Government, and was an upright, public- 
spirited man.

The farm of Mr. Hill comprises one hundred and sixty acres of fertile 
land, and in addition to this he is the owner of two hundred and forty 
acreas in Franklin Co., which he rents.  In religion he shared the 
belief of Robert Ingersoll and Thomas Payne.  He is a stanch supporter 
of the Republican platform, and was one of the four members of  the 
first Republican convention ever held in this county.  He was a member 
of the Board of supervisors for six years, served as Justice of the 
Peace for four years, and during the late war held the position of 
enrolling officer of the district.  In 1880, he served as Census 
Enumerator, and has filled other local positions of trust and 
responsibility.  With one exception, he is the oldest settler in Prairie 
du Long Township, and has been a witness to its rapid progress during 
all the years of his residence here, aiding as far as possible to 
promote its welfare.



Hill, Robert Milton (Josiah, David, Jontahan, Joseph), b. 8 Sept 1854, 
Belleview or Freeburg,  St. Clair Co.,IL, d. 11 June 1924, Wellington, 
Sumner Co., KA.   He m. Lydia D. Carr in 1876  She was b. 14 Nov 1856, 
Freeburg, Il, d. 16 May 1938, Wellington, Sumner Co., KA.  She was the 
dau. of  Joseph P. and Martha Ann  (Jackson) Carr.  Robert was a hotel 
keeper in the 1900 census.  
	1. M. Stella, b. 1878, Freeburg, Ill
	2. Carrie, b. Freeburg, Il, m. _____ Dobbins, Res. Wichita, KA
	3. Harry E., b. Nov 1882, Freeburg, IL.  Resided in Wellington, KA.
	4. Florence B., b. 23 Mar 1885, Wellington, KA., m. Arthur Bodkin
	5. Charles Bright, b. 11 June 1889, Wellington, KA., m. Bessie James 
	6. Eva "Fay", b. Dec 1891, Wellington, KA., m. _____ Stanley.  Res. 
Bakersfield, CA.
	7. Ralph, b. June 1894, Wellington, KA.,  Res. Independance, Oregon
	8. Ruth, b. July 1896, Wellington, KA., m. Milo Main.  Res. Argonia, 

Florence B. Hill, b. 23 March 1885, Wellington, KA., d. 6 Apr. 1963.  
She m. Arthur L. Botkin.  Children:
	1. Harold L. Bodkin,  Res. Hitchinson, KA.
	2. Myrna Bodkin, m. A. L. Fanning.  Res. Wichita, KA.
	3.Bernice Bodkin, m. _____ Frederickson, Res. Los Angeles, CA.
	4. Step-dau.  Mrs. Marie Morrell, Res. Phoenix, Arizona

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