DAVID RITTENHOUSE (the famous one in the family)

I've included some links that I've found on the Rittenhouse family 
for those of you who might be interested in that sort of thing...

William Rittenhouse (1644 - 1708) Links

German American Corner: Famous German Americans
Short Bio
America's First Papermill: The Rittenhouse Mill
The Germans come to North America
Museum Tour: Papermaking Moves to the United States
The Rettinghouse/Rittenhouse Family
Links to St. Clair Co., IL GenWeb Page
...Rittenhouse Town

Rittenhouse Links

Canadian Mennonite Encyclopedia Online
Rittenhouse entry
The Brothers Rittenhouse
The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826
A letter to David Rittenhouse
Famous German Americans: David Rittenhouse
Short Bio
Family History-Rittenhouse
Rittenhouse Family Genealogy Forum

Rittenhouse Cousin Links

Ahnentafel of Jim Bridges
Note: Rittenhouse name; No.21
The Ancestry of Asa Myers...
Note: Rittenhouse name; Gen. 2 No. 3
Ancestors...of Carolyn Frazee
Note: Rittenhouse name; Gen. 8 No. 225
Descendants of William Rittenhouse
A registry report by Jim Bridges
William Rittenhouse/Geertrude Pieters
In the Cragg family database
Ancestors of William Charles Hayes, Jr.
Rittenhouse name #496
Ancestors of Alice Lydia Ebert
Rittenhouse name #496
Ahnentafel Report
Ancestor table of Michel Adam Platt-Metford
Gary Anderson Ahnentafel
(2934) is William Rittenhouse. Gary is descended from the daughter Elizabeth's line.
Douglas Keith Melzer's Family Tree
Douglas is descended from William's son Nicolas
Stephen Sherman's Ahnentafel
Ancestor's of Marvin Schubert

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