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Welcome My Children
To The Temple Of
Hedo Buddah !

Learn of a Higher Place and...
"Be Wicked For A Week"

There is a place in Negril, Jamaica that isn't like anywhere on earth. This place is Hot Sun, Blue Water, White Sand and the Warmest, Friendliest People you will EVER meet.

That place is called...


Does the thought of Unlimited Food, Cocktail Glasses that Never Run Dry, Bright Sun, Warm Sand, Crystal Blue Water, Endless Activities and Entertainment, and - Oh Yeah - The Chance to get in touch with yourself (and maybe others) TOTALLY NEKKID and be with all Your Friends Sound like Paradise ?

Well, Maybe you Should Study HEDO ZEN !

Hedonism II, "HEDO" to the hundreds of regulars who return year after year, is an All-Inclusive Resort located along 7 miles of white sand beach in Negril, Jamaica. But Hedo is MUCH more than that, it is lasting friendships, letting your guard down and having the chance to, as their MOTTO says..."BE WICKED FOR A WEEK".

We were having a year from hell !

* Four deaths in the family - 3 in one week alone,
* Building our own first home, and
* The complicated pregnancy and early (10 weeks early) delivery of our son, Alex.

We needed a break and it needed to be something special, something TOTALLY DIFFERENT, what we found was Hedo.

Hedonism II is as close as you can get to Paradise. The resort sits on 23 tropical acres and boasts 280 rooms (130 Nude/150 Prude), that offer either a Kingsize bed or two Twins, CD Players and safes. There are NO Phones or TV's in the rooms. There is Buffet Dining and a Great "sit-down" Restaurant called "Pastafari's". There are two beach grills and 5 bars. There is a Gym, Disco, Piano/Karaoki Bar, Library, TV room and a Game Room W/Slot Machines. Around the grounds are secluded hammocks for two and there is even an aviary.

There are "land games" like Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Twister, Squash and even a Giant Chess board.

If the water is more your style there are two beaches (1 Nude/1 Prude), Snorkeling, SCUBA, Kiyacking and even Sailboats. Each beach offers a grill, swimming pool and hot tub with the Nude beach boasting a 50 person hot tub,(SEE THE RECORD -- 358 PEOPLE) a cool "misting pool" complete with a waterfall and "hidden grotto" and a "swim-up" bar in the pool.


This was the Next big question. We knew we wanted to go to Hedo but we were not sure if we should stay on the Prude Side where guests must wear clothes (women may go topless), or adventure onto the Nude Side where guests MUST go Nude.

The facilities and activities are newer and better on the Nude Side. The social scene is more open, friendly and accepting on the Nude Side. The gawking and harassment are even less tolerated on the Nude Side. The only problem with the Nude Side seemed to be....That We'd Have To Be NUDE !

We are not the "Fabio" or "Elle" types ! We could both be in a little better shape and are pale from living in sun-deprived New England. Mrs Hedo had just given birth to our son and Hedo Buddah is a wheelchair user so we were a little self-concious to say the least.

BUT....Not BUTT....But, we are fairly adventurous and finally decided to say "lets just do it !" and we started booking our trip. We picked a room with an Oceanview on the Nude Side.

There are lots of "SPECIAL EVENTS" at Hedo !

There is Toga Night, the PJ Party, several Island Picnics, Catamaran Cruises, Beach Games, Circus Workshops, a Talent Show and even Body Painting. The truly special thing about Hedo though is the, seemingly instant, Friendships that you will form as you soak in the Nude Side Hot Tub, laughing, drinking, talking, playing and even singing.

We found lots of wonderful sites that helped us learn more about Hedonism and Jamaica. We have included a list of the ones We thought were the MOST helpful.


Denny's page offers a Message Board, Chatroom,
A Visitors EMail List By Week, General Info and Basic Pictures !

The Hedonism II Links Page

Over 200 Links For Hedonism II, Jamaica, Travel Info, Reggae and Weather

Rain or Shine

5 Day Weather Forcast for Negril, Jamaica

Our First Trip was January 23 - 30, 1999 and We had a GREAT time!



Here are a few pics to get you started !

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A pic of the four Hick New Englanders that went Hedo !

I won the PJ Contest !

Marcia & Tracy - What a Super Couple !

Sunset on the Nude Catamaran Cruise

The Lovely Tamara ! Bring her gummi bears !

We all renewed our wedding vows

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