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Conformation Shots.....the boring stuff

Lil Rio, Summer 1999. Rio is a 1992 16.2 hh bay Thoroughbred mare. She is my first horse and has taught me so much! One day I caught her playing Queen Of The Hill, balancing herself on her salt block in her stall and looking around at everyone in the barn with this I'm So Cool expression.
Lil Rio, February 1998, approximately one month after I bought her. At this point she has been off the track for a year and a half.
Lil Rio, Summer 1998. Rio is a 16.2 hh bay Thoroughbred mare. She is beginning to put on some weight and develop some much needed muscle.
Lil Rio, Winter 98/99. Her topline is beginning to become more developed. All those rounding excercises!
Lil Rio, Winter 98/99. She's a very narrow girl. The first time I rode her (after riding a stocky horse), I said to my instructor, Where's the horse? There's nothing for me to hold on to!
Lil Rio, Summer 1999. She really does still have a tail...honest! There are not goats at this barn! LOL!
Lil Rio, November 1999. Rio is muscling up nicely.
Lil Rio, November 1999. Rio is developing a nice topline.