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All NEW Pics!

Lil Rio in our current riding paraphanelia
....a brown bridle and D-ring snaffle bit
with copper rollers (for her to play with).

Lil Rio and I walking. Rio is learning to round.

Notice how asymetrical I am (due to one leg
slightly longer than the other). My current
riding is focusing on learning how to apply
my aids correctly and separately.
Lil Rio and I trotting. She's really starting
to apply herself and round at the trot now.
Lil Rio and I cantering. Rio still canters on her forehand. Therefore, I really need to learn to keep my shoulders back.

These are our canter to trot transitions. Rio is still on her forehand during these transitions.

Lil Rio and I trotting a jump.

Lil Rio and I trotting a jump and I forgot to add that leg aide.

My instructor trotting Rio.

My instructor cantering Rio.

My instructor jumping Rio (the take-off).

My instructor jumping Rio (the landing).
Rio and I are riding outside. She is learning
to apply herself, round, and give at the poll.

Just some nice pics of Rio.

The last four pictures are of Rio trailer loading in
less than five minutes. The tap of the crop on her hip
is her "go forward" cue. Rio has been willingly trailer
loading for the last month with the help of clicker
training. You can see how she is remaining calm.