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Retraining Ex-Racehorses: Who We Are

horse lovers have race in!

Name: A.Leigh
Horse: Dodge
Discipline: Ex-Racer, Jumper, Pleasure (English &
Western), Trails
Location: New England
"Dodge came to us two years ago badly beaten up and
angry with all humans, creating havoc and refusing
to trust anyone for a very long time. Today, she is
happy, relaxed and loves all the attention she used
to be terrified of 2 years ago. Last year, she showed
incredible talent as a jumper and she was easily
taking 4 foot courses (the girl loves to jump!).
Right now, due to some arthritis, we have stopped
jumping and now are re-schooling her western
pleasure, which she seems to REALLY love more than
any other discipline we've tried with her. This girl
is part of our family and will never have to worry
about being abused again as she will stay with us
for the rest of her life. We just love her so much!"
See more pictures of Dodge!
Name: Anderson
Location: Ohio
Name: Audrey
Horse: Siena (Siena Pro), 1995, 17hh, dk bay OTT
TB mare
Location: coastal North Carolina
"I adopted her through RERUN. She was started on the
track and did not finish in the top. She then got a
chip on her ankle and was donated to RERUN. The chip
has reattached *g* and she has never took a lame
step. I bought Siena for a broodmare, but I can see
a dressage career ahead (way far ahead)".

Below is Heza Little Classy (aka Stoney) my QH
Name: CC
Horses: Carambi, OTT TB
Dancer, QH/TB out of an OTT TB mare
Discipline: Eventing, Dressage, Trails, Foxchasing
Location: Maryland
"Carambi is by Carnivalay (by Northern Dancer) out
of Ambitioninhaste by Bold Ambition."
Name: Christi Tompkins
Horse: King (Easy King), 1989, 16.1hh, dk bay OTT
TB gelding
Discipline: Pleasure Riding, Trails
Location: Texas
"I found King through the Sam Houston Adopt a
Racehorse program. He is currently learning how to
'be a horse' at a 1000 acre horse ranch just outside
of Austin. He is very eager to please...He puts on
his own halter, brushes his face, and picks up his
feet on command. Apart from that, he seems to have
never been given affection or treats, and these are
the first things I would like to teach him."
See King's homepage!
Name: Coyote (aka Katie Graham)
Horse: Mr. Mobocco, 1991 Chestnut gelding
Discipline: Dressage, hopefully eventing
Location: Austin, TX
"Mister was a gift to me from my father-in-law, who
has some Quarter Horse racers down in Del Rio, TX.
He purchased Mister and raced him for his fifth and
final year. Sad for him, Mister wasn't much of a
racehorse, his total lifetime earnings were $840,
and none of that was with Marvin. So Marvin retired
him to his place for four years, until I came along
& admired him. He was offered to me, and boy, was I
quick to accept! Marvin's in his late 60's and
doesn't ride, so Mister was never retrained. This
is a picture of our first ride together. My
photographer, Christi, was great and caught him in
a relaxed moment. Mister came to me the last week
of January 2000, and he's learning very quickly,
with the help of the Retrain TBs board.
See our homepage!
Name: Deb Horan
Horse: Aria (Red Wing Queen), aka Ol'Speedy, Airhead,
and other choice words not fit for print, 1985 OT TB
mare, raced as 2 & 3 yr old.
Discipline: discipline?! what discipline?! I do what
I want! Mom likes to trail ride.
Location: southern New Hampshire
"Aria has Bold Ruler on both sides of her pedigree.
She was used 1 or 2 seasons as a jumper in small/ ride a lot, low level event, hunter pace, etc. (None
of that happened. No time!) I've had horses for 30
years, rode all kinds, helped with other people's
problems, trained my previous horse (3 yrs old when I
got her). But I never rode a TB, never knew anyone
with an OTTB. I was totally unprepared for this
behavior. I've tried to read everything, try any
kind of equipment or methods to reschool her.
Most tries did not help. Tried to sell her for 2
years. Still have her. With the help of my new
'friends on-line', she may be getting a second
(or fourth or fifth) chance with me."

September 1998

Club Trail Ride, June 1994
Name: f@t
Horse: Granite, 1989, 15.3hh, O.H. gelding
"He was a Foxhunter before I got him. It is a strange
story how I ended up with him and the fact that we
bonded the moment he arrived, out of a crowd of 8
people. He arrived late at night, got off the
trailer, looked around and our eyes met. That was it.
He watches me everywhere I go, no matter what is
going on in the barnyard. We are a perfect fit. The
saddle that I had before he came, fit him like a
glove,and its like we have been partners for years.
I haven't owned my own horse for years, simply
because I was riding up to 20 horses a day, breaking
or whatever, never having the time to love on my own.
But...all of a sudden there he was! It was like it
was meant to be." See more pictures of f@t riding!


Just starting our pivot
Name: GAD
Horse: Gad, 17hh, OTTB gelding
Discipline: Raced 2 years, jumper/dressage
Location: Ohio
"He was 17 hands, bright bay with a star shaped
like a heart on his face and two white socks. He was
very playful and goofy (even for a TB) and loved to
create chaos out in the pasture and harrass the
other horses!. He had a huge, springy trot and a
great, rocking canter. He was beautiful to watch and
fun to ride(if you could stay on long enough, LOL).
He loved people very much and nickered often if he
thought he was being neglected(which was actually
never). He loved to play and roll in water puddles
and would splash around for hours. He was quite a
character and earned the nickname "wild thing" around
the stables. He was only 8 years old when he died on
Aug 8, 1999. He will always be loved and will always
be missed.....he could never be replaced."

Think of him as living
In the hearts of those he touched
For nothing loved is ever lost
And he was loved so much
Name: HG
Horse: Rio (Lil Rio), 1992, 16.2hh, bay OTT TB mare
Discipline: Pleasure Riding, Hunter, Dressage, Trails
Location: Michigan
"Rio is my first horse. I bought her in December 1997.
I take weekly lessons on Rio from my instructor who
used to exercise horses at Ladbroke DRC before
closing. Rio needs to trust her rider or she will act
goofy and bolt. She is extremely smart and very
willing, as long as she trusts you." See Rio's homepage!
Name: Jen MacNeill
Horse: Pewter's Bill (aka Bill, Mr. Bill, William),
1989, 15.3 hand OTT TB
Discipline: Being a horse. Future local hunter and
low level dressage shows.
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
"I found Bill through the Equine Rescue List on the
internet. He belonged to a friend of Carol Sinclair
of TURF. In his 70ith race he bowed a tendon and
despite winning $190,000+ in his carreer, he needed
a new home. Life with Bill was tough at first but
after being off the track for a year he has settled
down quite a bit. I wouldn't sell him for the world."
See Bill's homepage! Check out the Retraining TB's Page!
Name: Jen West
Horse: Ti
Name: Judi Stewart
Horse: Tally (Bataillon), 1991 OTT TB gelding
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Location: Santa Clarita, So. California
"Tally's an 8 year old OTT born and raced in France.
He won $100,000. in his career which ended with a
bowed tendon. He now enjoys life, and a new career as
a Hunter/Jumper, with his new Mom at Summerhill
Equestrian Center. His best friend is a horse named
Brisco." See Tally's homepage!
Name: Kara
Horse: Nightwatch (Jordan)
Location: California
Name: Kathy Kraft
Horse: Rascal
Discipline: right now dressage and stadium,
possibly eventing if I ever get brave enough.
Location: In the heart of the Adirondack Mountains,
northern NY
"I acquired Rascal in a horse-deal-gone-bad when he
was just turning 4 years old. He's tatoo-ed and has
pin firing scars on one leg but I doubt he raced much
and I haven't researched his past. This is my second
horse. I was told by several trainers that I wasn't
experienced enough to train a baby. But time and
patience is paying off and we have moments of (near)
brilliance, as my current saintly trainer, Jerry,
likes to say. We may try some cross country jumping
next spring. I've never done it but all of my middle
aged riding buddies are encouraging me, saying Rascal
and I will both love it. Rascal truly is a rascal. He is
a much more outgoing horse than my first gelding was.
I think he's smart but also smart enough to try to get
out of all sorts of work. He's teaching me the value of
constant change to mask constant repetition. I keep
wondering what the future holds!!"

Name: Lisa
Horse: Cannon, 1990 OTT TB gelding
Discipline: "unemployed"
Location: St. Louis, MO
"Cannon is my second OTT TB. He is 9 years old and
has been "unemployeed" (LOL) for three years.
Another girl owned him before me and family relocated
to Alaska. If she is out there, I would like her to
know cannon is doing fine!!! I lost track of my first
OTT TB. The last I found out, the people that
acquired him decided it would be great to start
racing him, across their pasture (all my hard work
and patience gone to waste). He became to hard to
handle and ended up at a sale... WELL, we all know
what that means, but I love him and he will always
be in my heart....
ps... Cannon's dad won the derby in 1974,,,,, COOL
Name: McGee
Horse: Scuffy McGee, OTT TB
Discipline: Ex-racer. Future: who knows? Barrel
racing? Eventing? Hunter? English Pleasure? Western
Location: Southern Pennsylvania (at the moment - I
miss upstate NY!!)
"We race TB's in Southern PA. We raced Scuffy for
about a year, and in that time he made a whopping
$750 (OOPS: I forgot his other $50 in NY) - no - $800,
so we retired him to his original purchase plan: my
riding horse. He's a really nice horse - comes
whinnying and galloping when he's called in from the
paddock - loves his stall and LOVES to EAT! He knows
our car & truck and whinneys the second he hears the
door open (FOOD!). Sickly enough, he also loves to
have his mane pulled. Yuck. He's real handy - athletic
and powerful, and he works off his hind quarters
really nicely. He's been SO easy and fun to train,
that I want to do it again, but I just don't have time
for 2 horses right now. Scruffy has been sold to a
wonderful new home and is doing great! Stay tuned...
I want to save lives, one horse at a time.

Name: Michelle
Horses: Tyme to Tango, 1997 TB filly;
Misty, TB broodmare;
Twister (Folk Art), 1999 Dutch bred colt;
Skip, 32 yr old, QH
Location: Ohio
"Tyme to Tango was given to us when we bought Misty
our broodmare. The owners didn't want her because
her father, Da' White Judge, had 4 whites and a blaze.
As you can see, she didn't get enough white for their
taste! This didn't prevent her from becoming the
DDCTA 1998 in hand champion! Misty is shown here with
1 day old Dutch bred colt Folk Art (Twister) by Fine
Art. Skip is my beloved 32 year old QH! An own SON of
Doc Bar! The best horse a girl could ever dream of!

Tyme to Tango

Misty and Twister

"This is Twist's favorite pose! He's practicing
for all his lady friends in the future!"

Name: mrd (Michelle Douglas)
Horse: Filly Grande (Mehmet-Star Dewan by Dewan),
1993 OTT TB mare
Location: Virginia
"My husband Scott and I purchased Filly in 7/99.
She was taken off the track in KY to retrain for
Grand Prix and eventing. We got her after she broke
the coffin bone in her left rear foot. She recovered
fine and I think she will make a good hunter, as I
would like to show her sidesaddle. She also shows a
talent for dressage when she's not running wild.
Filly is one classy, headstrong mare."
See Filly's homepage!
Name: mshawish (Monica)
Horse: Oily (Oil Mans Pay), 1995, 16hh, bay OTT TB
gelding. Race trained, but never raced.
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Pleasure
Location: Near Seattle, Washington State
"I bought Oily almost 6 months ago. He went
through some race training but bowed a tendon and
was given time off. He was then used as a pony
horse at the track for a season. He is a very sweet
and willing horse. He is also very silly and has
earned the title of 'barn clown.'" See Oily's homepage!
Name: pamela
Horse: Phelan
Location: Maryland
Name: SK
Horse: Cosette (Dance Til Three), 1994 OTT TB mare
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Location: Michigan
"Cosette last raced in October 1998 in Detroit. I
bought her the next day. She has progressed quickly
through the hunter ranks (summer of 1999), and we
hope to be doing low jumpers some time next summer
(if we can get past the bucking phase). Cosette is
fearless of nearly everything. She tells me that
she was a princess in another life. I believe it."

Winter 98/99, just a couple months OTT
taking a break from free jumping.

Cosette (right) hanging out at a show with
her grumpy stablemate Fuzzy (left).
Name: S.May
Horses: Tender Twilite aka "Teddy" (Imperial
Canadian), 1994, 16.2 hh, OTT TB gelding
Silver Twister, Welsh Pony
Discipline: Pleasure, Dressage to be used in retraining
Location: Columbus, Ohio
"My backyard operation pretty much rules out a
competition career for Teddy, but for a "project" I
couldn't ask for a more fun horse. Besides the fact
that he bloomed so nicely from the auction meat pen
where I found him, he also is smart, willing, a little
headstrong, but with lots of potential! I'm looking
forward to lots of years with him."
See Teddy's homepage!

a couple days after the auction

one month later
Name: Theresa
Horse: Taz, 1994, 15.3hh, bay OTT gelding
Discipline: low-level eventing
Location: Columbus, OH
"Taz raced 9 times and was 'in the money' 6 of
those times. He has been retired from the track
since early summer.
Name: Truth
Horse: Truth (The Icy Truth by Icy Groom, out of
Brutal Truth), 16.2hh, 1990 bay gelding, blind in
left eye, no markings. Born in Pennsylvania.
Discipline: lawn mower, clown and I HOPE dressage
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
"Truth raced as a 3 & 4 year old at Penn National
racecourse in Harrisburg. He was in ten races with a
1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and won around $4,300 -- not a big
winner. Truth came into the barn where I was riding.
He had just come off the track and a friend of the
barn manager brought him there because she was
breaking up her barn. Truth was a lesson horse, for
short duration (he fell in the indoor reing), then
just kinda hung out for a while."
"When I got back from a business trip, there he was. I had only been riding 4 or 5 months then. He
definitely was noticeable -- big and friendly. So, one thing led to another and I found out he was for sale.
Well, I told myself -- can't afford a horse, can't afford to board a horse... Then he disappeared one
day and there had been talk of taking him to New Holland (UGHHH)! So, after several sleepless nites, I
approached the barn manager to find out what happened to him. They had moved him into another stall that
was dark and so I didn't see him. So she told me what he was selling for (within my budget, eeeeeeeee)
the board was affordable. I started riding him, really liked him and the rest is history.

Truth is a HAM. He loves to show off, loves attention and has a repertoire of games he likes to play
-- like take mom's hat off and dump it into a fresh pile of manure; pull on mom's belt loops as she cleans
out front feet; exercise mom's leg as she's grooming him. He's nosey and thinks nothing of going on
exploration trips when given the chance. Truth is my first horse and a dream come true. Since adolescence
I had always wanted a TB and had imagined becoming a jockey. Of course, life takes over and as they say
'better late than never!' So, finally, in my 40's I got my TB, who is the love of my life. He has made
it so easy and fun, I'd have another in an instant. I hope we'll progress through dressage. I can't wait
to get to the upper levels and feel his piaffe and passage. He has offered piaffe when he gets excited.
It feels so good."