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Welcome to Hemant Puthli's Home Page!

Creating this home page has given me great pleasure - not only because I've learnt a lot, but also because it is about myself! I guess there's a narcissist in all of us!

My interests are: Technology, Management, Art, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics, and life in general.

I aim to address the following in my pages:
Technology and the quality of life
Application of technology to business
Richness of experience in modern living

While you're here, do check out other pages at my site...I'd be happy to receive feedback from you.

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If you're interested in e-commerce and infotech, here are some useful links
Read The Great Indian Gambit which I wrote in March 1996 (did not publish)
View a presentation I delivered in May 1997, read the transcript here
View a presentation my team and I delivered in June 1998, at "ISP Xchange"
View a presentation a colleague and I delivered in Jan.1999, at "ISP India 99"
Read Cyberspace - The Final Frontier (July1999, yet to publish)
Sneak a preview of my book - the DiSyDe methodology
Check out some paintbrush "artwork", other than my self-protrait below
Take a look at some pictures of yours truly (no, don't tell me what you think)
Listen to some music and check out my favourites


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