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Howdy and Welcome to my Border Town.
On this page you will find links to FREE Pagesets
I have created.

All my pages are graphic intense! Please wait
while they load :) Thank ya

The only rules I have are simple and to the point.
1. Give credit where credit is due. Give a link back
to The High Lonesome Ranch.
If the pageset doesn't have a button to match that
pageset you can copy the one below.

2. In no way shape or form are you allowed to alter
any of my graphics to suit your own needs.

See that was simple wan't it :)

Hope you enjoy Border Town. Now go...
check it out :-D

This next sets are called Childhood Moments.
This set consists of 10 page sets.

The next 2 sets are called Fantasy Sets.
At the moment there is only 2. Click one of the
Suns to take a peek :)

First Light Background Set Wild Dust Background Set.

This next one you can click will take you to
a bunch of just muted backgrounds I have done
over the years. No sets here, just backgrounds.

These below you can see are all named. They are
Double Border Sets I have made though the years.

Horse Set 1
Tiger Set
Horse Set 2
Kitty Set
Bunny Buddies Set
Daisy Bunny Set
Single Border Bunny Set
Floral Set *new*
Western Kitty Set *new*

These are Single Border Backgrounds :)
Border is on the left.

Angel 1
Angel 2
U.S. Marines 1
U.S. Marines 2
U.S. Marines 3
American Eagle
Female Marine
Texas Bluebonnet
Texas Sunset
Military Females
Black Wolf
Tiger in Snow
Eagle Wings

These are Double Border Backgrounds.
Border on each side.

Lion Cub
Green Rose
Horse 1
Horse 2
Eagle Claws

The Big'ns! These are indeed different!
This batch of backgrounds will be soon changed
for the better! You will just have to check back to see
what I did to them...HAHA

A Mothers Love
Golden Horse
Night Dancing
Sisters Love
Angel 1
Angel 2
Angel 3


Ahhhh...the Hidden Pictures.
Yes Folks these are strange!
*HAHA* These are Border Backgrounds
but in the border if you look close you may be able
to see what I made the border out of! *HAHA*
Kind of like Where's Waldo!

Hidden #1
Hidden #2
Hidden #3

Well yall That just about does it for Border Town.
Hope you enjoyed your stay :) Any suggestions
or comments can be sent by pony express. Just click
on the stagecoach below! YEE HAWWW :-D

You can use this button below for a link
back to The Ranch if you like :)

Button link

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All pages are made by Cutie Pi © 1998-99
All Rights Reserved.
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16 bit color or better.

All the graphics to my knowledge do not have a
copy rights and are free domain.