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Drive In Pics and Info
Drive In Pics and Info

A drive in in Virginia

Some theatres, this was the view you got when you drove past. Others faced the road and gave everyone a free preview of the movie.

A typical drive in snack bar

2 projectors: the top one is a gas flame projector (know to make the projection room really hot), and the bottom one is a light projector. Bothe of these were found at demolition sites of drive ins.

And this is what the inside of a drive in movie theatre looks like.

This drive in, used in the movie Grease, sadly is no longer in existence. But we do have these pictures. The first pic is of the outside of the Studio Drive In, the second is a pic of the ticket booth, and the third is from the inside of the theatre. In this last pic epecially, you can see the ramp that cars would park on to view movies and understand why this was needed.

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